1. Arconik

    Borrowed Object Gimmicks

    Hello everyone, I have been searching for some time now and I can't come to a conclusion. I've already got a few card routine gimmicks and Christopher Kohler's Burner, but I was searching for a gimmick that uses a borrowed object. This could be a coin, some headphones, or like an empty can etc...
  2. CardMagicNJ

    Me Spreading Magic Love on Black Friday !!

    Down at the outlet shops in Atlantic City on Black Friday reminding people Christmas is not about money and gifts but Love. And with magic people come together regardless of race, religion, etc. Enjoy !!!
  3. O

    Face to Face

    I was just wandering what peoples views on the trick face to face poker was and how they perform it, just to see different styles of performing the trick.
  4. adrianrnst

    Asking for tips without being awkward?

    I feel like I've been practicing magic for long enough and have mastered a couple of moves and have routines built them. Enough so, that I feel like I want to start profiting off of these and I wanted some "tips" on how to ask for "tips" after I finished with my set.
  5. L

    Something New

    Hello and good day, name is as my username states, not quite confident enough i guess to be here but anyway. I came from music and been loving it, but ever since I was a kid aside from playing music I was always fascinated by "street magic" mainly. Up close deception. I have 0 experience on...
  6. T

    Books to Get

    So I've been casually doing card tricks for about a year now for friends and family and I figured now's a good time to start buying some legit magic books. I can do basic false cuts, double lifts, etc. and I'd say I'm at a late beginner, early intermediate level. I do tricks mostly for people at...
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