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  1. So I am making an effect right now that requires you to make a gimmick. An unavoidable step during the making of this gimmick is the splitting of a card. Am I allowed to go over the general process for splitting a card in my tutorial, or would I have to redirect them elsewhere (ie. Blake Vogt's detailed instructions on the Marketplace).

    As a more general question, if someone has created a gimmick in the past that isn't necessarily generic level as of yet, and it were to be used in a completely new effect, would we be allowed to show it in the instructions (with their permission of course)?
  2. I, personally, feel that card splitting is old enough, and a skill that is widely enough known (it is used outside of magic, for instance), that there probably isn't an issue with teaching it. I, also personally, would definitely recommend sources for more in depth instructions on it. The Gaff Factory is my go-to, but if Blake Vogt's video is good that's fine also (I've never seen his stuff).

    I am pretty sure that if the creator of a gimmick (Assuming they are the original creator of said gimmick, and you have done the research to verify that) has given you permission to show how it works/how to make it, then it's perfectly fine to teach it.
  3. Card splitting is not anything new or groundbreaking. I would suggest crediting as many sources as you can as to wear you learned how to split cards, but it is fair game as far as I am concerned.
  4. Thanks! The only reason I'm reluctant to put it out there is because the Blake Vogt DVD is already about it, and I don't want to take away from him.
  5. How about you ask him? Email him personally or reach out on social media. I am sure he would appreciate you asking first. The phrase "Better to ask for forgiveness than permission" does not really apply when it comes to crediting. A lot of creator have lost face for "stealing" material.
  6. Oh I did ask him :) I haven't gotten a response yet though... Its been a week
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  7. Give it some time, haha he is a busy man and may not be able to respond right away. :)
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