Tally-ho's vs Bicycle's

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  1. What cards do you prefer for magic in general and why? Taking in consideration the cost, durability, quality, etc...
  2. I have used bicycles for much of my time as a magician, however at Christmas I decided to buy a brick of Tally Hos (Circle Back) instead of another one of Bicycles. And I must say the durability is far superior, I have 1 every deck I carry every day, and I'm still on my first deck of Tally Ho. They just don't seem to be wearing out at all. The edges are a little yellowed and the finish isn't as slick but they are far better than bicycles would be at this point. Normally I would buy a brick around Christmas and then open a new deck around every month for general use. But I have cleared two months and they are still in performing condition.

    As for price, here in the UK you can get a brick of bikes for around £25 give or take a few. I normally buy mine on amazon. I think the brick of tally hos was around £30 so there isn't much difference.

    It is personal opinion, however I think that if you want something durable for while you're on the go, spend a tiny bit more and go for Tally Ho. I still have half a brick of Bikes which I use at gigs, you can't knock them for being bad.

    Either are great choices but I think you can see which I favor.
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  3. Tally-Ho's :D all day every day

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