1. Paper Cinema

    Cardistry Short Film: Centripetal Trailer

    Here's the trailer for my upcoming cardistry video Centripetal, a video unlike any before it, blending elements of a short film and a cardistry video: Subscribe and follow for updates.
  2. B

    Is there anywhere where Sixth Sense 2.5 by Hugo Shelley is in stock?

    Looks like the supplier needs to stock up, but there isn't anywhere that has this in stock, right?
  3. B

    How do you think this amazing Rock Paper Scissors illusion is done?

    Interesting actually, I'm beginning to think it's statistical or something, maybe not related to magic or mentalism??
  4. T

    Problem with my Virtuoso SS16 deck

    (i hope this is still active) Anyways, hey guys. I made this account to assess this problem i dont know. (I dont know what to call it, rather) On the short side of my virts deck, all the playing cards are "wavy" in shape. When you take an individual card, you can see it isnt as flat as you would...
  5. S

    Music for Youtube Performance (Invisible Palm Technique)

    Hey guys! As I posted on the other thread, I started my channel this week on youtube with already one performance in there. (as you will be able to see in the link bellow) Before I go to do the street performances, I want to start by doing some home performances with some "suspense" music. On...
  6. S

    First Magic Video on Youtube

    Hey guys! I just released my first magic video. I performed the Mcdonald's Aces with some music on... I would love to know your opinion/critics. I think like all of you we must have to learn with the critics (good or bad!). I want to do some more performance videos and street reactions, but...
  7. Ben2__Ben2

    Honeycomb cardistry flourish

    See our tutorial for the Honeycomb flourish here:
  8. T

    How to throw cards

    Can you list for me some ways to throw a playing card? I want to make a list with all the most famous(or not so famous) ways
  9. tide808

    Any Cardistry enthusiasts in Hawaii?

    I started cardistry last month and have been hooked! I've tried searching facebook and instagram for like minded individuals but only know a handful that recently got into it as well.
  10. CRAMMD

    What Next?

    Hey there, it's me, Adrian. So I had been practicing cardistry for some weeks now and I have already learned the werm, charlier cut, 5 faces of sybil, false sybil (52 Kards), the werm, triangle cut, and the spring. I just want to know what moves should I learn next. I would appreciate the help:D
  11. CRAMMD

    How do you transition from one flourish to another?

    Hey guys!!! It' me again. So I have developed an interest in cardistry a couple of days ago and I have watched some cardistry videos from YouTube and I was wondering, "How do they transition from one move to another without looking choppy?" This is because every time I try to do some cardistry I...
  12. CRAMMD

    Help a Begginer

    Hey Guys!!! My name is Adrian, 12 years old, and I have developed an intererest in cardistry a couple of days ago. I have already learned some basic flourishes including: the basic grips, 5 faces of sybil, 3 packet cut, swing cut, spring, table spread, one-handed fan, and the thumb fan. I...
  13. E

    Magicians and cardists of Edinburgh lets meetup

    I have been practising my magic tricks and cardistry for quite a while now and I am at the stage where I really want to get involved in the magic community. any magicians or cardists out there in this fair city I would love to meet up and have a jam with you and finally get to know some of my...
  14. B

    Looking for Cardistry / Card flourishing experts based in UK for television commercial

    PAID JOB One of our producers at Blink Productions is looking for a UK based expert in Cardistry / Card flourishing who would like to show their talents in a television commercial. This is a paid job. If you are interested, please send an email with a showreel attached to
  15. T

    Moves for anybody?!

    Hi! I'm pretty young and I love magic as most of you guys do. Card tricks fits perfect for my personality. I can a lot of different tricks and I'm pretty good at it, but I want to put in some cool moves like different cuts, advanced card control moves you name it. So my question is does...
  16. Omar_Renfro

    Skrrt+Squirt Tutorial

    Hey guys i uploaded a free tutorial on my youtube a while back itd be cool to get some feedback.
  17. Wkirk1467

    Decoy by Eoin O'Hare

    Is decoy worth the price? How durable is it? How much will this trick fool the audience?
  18. CTN

    Belgium meetup

    Hey! I'd love to do a meetup soon and do some jamming, i only have 1 problem.. There are barely any flourishers in Belgium! Especially in the north (flemish/vlaams). If you happen to know any cardists from Belgium please help me and let me know, i've not met a single one and would love to meet...
  19. M

    How does he do this?

    So i was watching this video, i was wondering how he did this trick? The video is on under Social -> Video's Could someone please explain?!
  20. EranOzsarfati

    Submitting a Magic Trick

    Hello fellow magic enthusiasts, Quick question: When submitting a magic trick for the market, at the beginning do I submit the actual trick, the explanation or both? Thanks in advance. Here is the actual page:
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