1. D

    Any tips on a thumb fan?

    I have read Royal Road, Card College, Single tutorials on sites and some videos. I can do an 'OK' one handed fan, nothing to special, but when I attempt a thumb fan it's never equal. (I have used new decks for it too.) ~DB
  2. Allan Luu

    Cardistry and Magic: What do you think?

    Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentlemen, It has been a long time since I have posted on a magic/cardistry forum board so I look forward to an engaging discussion. Before I go on, I want to pose a question for you: Do you think Cardistry and Magic should go together during...
  3. M

    Is cardistry just a hobby?

    I have seen many people saying magicians who do cardistry can not be called cardists. Cardists are not magicians who do cardistry but performers who only do cardistry so is being cardist just a hobby? Thanks
  4. MichaelS11287

    How I look after 9 months of Cardistry

    Junior year kicked in, so my activity on here abated, but I'm glad that there's always something being discussed that I can jump back into. I made this video as a sort of "progress report" after learning some cardistry for 9 months (I hail from card magic so I had a rudimentary foundation)...
  5. F


    Hey guys Broderick here, if your into cardistry please check out my new cardistry video and tell me what you think, and if your not into cardistry, watch it anyway because you know its awesome! is the video link!
  6. M

    Are there different types of cardistry?

    HEY, I shifted from card tricks to cardistry with Genisis v1 and loving this art. I am liking flourishes like Giant fan, shuffles, cascade, friffle, Waterwheel, spreads way over the multiple cut flourishes like Sybil etc... So is there any name for particular type of rhythmic flourishes like the...
  7. R

    Watch my Cardistry video!

    We spread here their cardistry video and comment on others' videos.
  8. M

    Best cardistry cards. My opinion and yours.

    Hey guys. I've been doing cardistry for around 3 years and through out that i've collected countless amounts of cards like most do and i wanted to see what decks other people like for cardistry and wanted to share my list as well. Feel free to share your list and which brands/decks you like...
  9. C

    How much cardistry do you need practice everyday on an average to become a good cardist?

    Im 14 and hv no idea of cardistry but I hv been doing Card magic since 2013 and Im pretty good at it. I dont want to become a professional card flourisher(cardist) but want to add flourishes to my tricks to make long and boring card tricks intresting and more entertaining. But this seems quite...
  10. caseya7

    Hand Size

    Hello everybody! Brett Hurley and I wanted to create a thread dedicated to your hand size. I think the best way to do it is by measuring the length of your middle finger. Let me know if you have anyother ideas. Thanks, Casey
  11. H

    Why do all my playing cards have little scratches on them?

    I've been using playing cards for magic and cardistry now for about 3 years, I'm very careful and take care of my cards, however I have noticed that I have little scratches all over them, have no clue where they came from. I'm just interested to see if anyone has this problem or if anyone has a...
  12. S

    Magic and flourishes

    Hi! So i have been doing magic and flourishes about 7-8 years (time really go fast when you have deck of cards on your hands :D) Anyway, lately i have been wondering that it would be really cool if i had some friends who share the same obsession for cards. Are my new friends here? :D ps. That...
  13. Justin D

    Something I've Been Working on

    Here's a few moves I've been working on for a few several months but have been reluctant to post. I would love to get some feedback on how to make these moves possibly better Constructive criticism is very much welcomed.
  14. Khaleel Olaiky

    Cardistry moves by a mgician

    I AM NOT A CARDIST I'm not good at cardistry at all but i enjoy practicing and creating moves sometimes. I created some good flourishes and i was thinking to put them up on the wire but i know if i filmed the trailer myself nobody will download it even for free LOL, Do you think i should keep...
  15. C

    Started a campaign for a cardistry tee shirt!!!

    Ive made a campaign for a cardistry t shirt ive always wanted to make. The tshirt says cardistry is not magic. The campaign is to raise money for a decent microphone so i can start making some videos. Check it out if you have time...
  16. T

    I have a few beginner question about the “Art of Cardistry ”

    Wassup Everyone? I have a few beginner question about the “Art of Cardistry ” but before I get into that… Brief/History/Past: Back when I was a “sophomore” in highschool I had a friend who sat next to me and would always do magic tricks [back in 1998] [which now I know upon googling it was...
  17. C

    Essentials of magic and cardistry???

    What I mean by this is, what are the essential books, DVDs, downloads, anything to get started in magic and cardistry? I'm open to general magic, but I'm more into cards than anything else. Also, how do I find time to practice? I'm currently in Grade 10 and I find that school gets in the way of...
  18. L

    Cardistry tutorials

    Hello my dear friends. We are glad to intriduce new youtube channel where you can find some cool cardistry tutorials. Like and subscribe if you liked it. Hope you'll enjoy this one.
  19. Winson L.

    #HongKongCardJam / Edo Huang / Benjamin Loo / Cardvolution

    Edo Huang, Benjamin Loo and Cardvolution were in Hong Kong this week! We had a great time jamming and here is a video! ENJOY!
  20. Y

    Check out my latest Video!

    Tell me what you guys think of my latest cardistry video. Try to guess which deck I'm using as well.
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