1. taylood

    New Trainer Deck Concept?

    Hey guys, If you wouldn't mind, take a few minutes and check my website for trainer decks out. Or rather, Treynor decks. I've been practicing and performing with these packets for almost a year and have in the last month realized I could and should be selling them. The site is so new and the...
  2. B

    What card finish/type is best for cardistry?

    So, I've been doing cardistry for a few months now and I've been through a couple decks so far, my favourites being Antler and Tally-Ho; both have a nice stock and are quite comfortable to handle, and apart from the Tally-Ho's rough edges in the first day or so, they are both quite reliable sets...
  3. finnishcardist

    Beginner cardistry tutorials in YouTube

    Hello, My name is Ilmari Ponkala and in YouTube I go by name FinnishCardist. My YouTube channel is about teaching cardistry and flourishes to beginners and for those who are a bit more advanced as well. I upload videos when I can (almost daily) and if there is a move that you would like to...
  4. dklegacy13

    Cardistry Idea Sources

    I have been doing magic and cardistry for a while now, and i've always found it hard to come up with a new, original move. I was wondering if there are any books, DVD's or anything else that can help people create new flourishes (instead of teaching them.) Thanks!
  5. T

    Cardists in San Francisco area?

    Hey everyone, My name is Apollo and I live near San Francisco. I want to make a group for all things cardistry, so we can show each other what we've got, create together, and bounce ideas off each other. I know there are quite a lot of cardists around where I live, but I don't know how to...
  6. Tristan Magic

    Music In The Art Of Magic

    Make up your own personal music and create a special Show! Most magicians dedicate a great deal of precious time and money so as to create a Magic Show or Magic Act in terms of their personal taste. This procedure, of course, is not simple. Endless time for thought, study and practise is...
  7. B

    Pushing cards with a single finger

    Hi good people of Theory11 ! I have stumbled across an issue lately regarding some flourishes; it may seem like a trifle, but it's stopping me completely. I am quite new to cardistry, although I can do with my eyes closed some basic moves like the Sybil Cut. The thing is, in some flourishes...
  8. S

    SobczakS - Y Playing Cards

    My newest video :)
  9. StandardPhase

    The Circle // Shaking Hands.

    Hello. When performing the circle, my right hand shakes out of control when balancing the middle packet between my pinkies. This does not effect my left hand as im right handed. However, this really throws me of, making me drop the packet completely. Any tips or how i can work on it would be...
  10. J

    JJ Productions Presents First Amateur Video

    JJ productions presents our very first ever jam session! Showcasing the art of Cardistry and Magic by two card enthusiasts alike! Let us know what you think in the comments down below! Be sure to like, subscribe and support us!
  11. finnishcardist

    My new flourish // Cartwheel Cut

    Hello everyone, finnish cardist here. This is one of my first own flourishes and I hope you like it. I'm also new in this forum.
  12. swagakazam

    Has it been done?

    Whilst playing with cards, I stumbled upon a sequence of cuts that make a flourish I really like. I want to call it my own since I've never seen it done, but I wish to know if it's been done so I'm not copying someone else or stealing it. How do I know if it's been done?
  13. quinnhughes

    Red or Blue?

    Quick question. After watching the Virts' "Versus" for the 105th time, I began wondering, they use blue backed cards for their standard examples. I.e. the tally ho and bike decks they use are blue. When doing cardistry, which color or bikes or tallys do you think looks better? Or does it not...
  14. CJK

    Cardistry: Where to Begin

    Everyone begins somewhere. Some in the middle of the park watches a man in a blazer flying cards everywhere in a cool crisp movement with smooth moment and you standing in awe saying, "Man, I want to learn that!" Or you can be the guy sitting in his room with a computer watching youtube videos...
  15. lolhammertime

    Where to make your own deck?

    Hello people! I want to make a deck customized to my own liking, and I already have an idea on it, I just need to know a website where I can have it printed. Also I want to choose the stock, cut, and finish. And lastly, it needs to have capability to do custom faces. Is there any existing...
  16. lolhammertime

    Close-Up Pad substitutes?

    Hello! I can't really afford a close-up mat right now, but I need a soft surface to practice magic, ribbon spreads, tabled flourishes, etc... Any ideas on a cheap alternative? And no, I don't have a carpet in my house.
  17. lolhammertime

    Riffle fan tips?

    Hello! I recently learned the riffle fan, and I'm hoping some of you could spare some tips? When I perform the riffle fan, it only fans halfway... Not a full circle fan unlike most others. Can anyone help me get it to a full circle? Thanks in advance!
  18. lolhammertime

    Prerequisites for Solo by Michael James?

    So I'm planning to buy Solo by Michael James and I want to know what flourishes I need to know before I buy? I'm in the intermediate level in cardistry, if that helps. If anyone can kindly make a list of stuff I need to learn first, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  19. lolhammertime

    Is it normal to get callus from cardistry?

    So I finally learned the spring! :D I was practicing the spring for like an hour now, and my thumb is REALLY painful and I'm getting callus on the side of my thumb. Is that normal?, because I'm worrying right now.
  20. KWESST

    Help me find this move!

    The following is a video of Greg Wilson during the explanation video for "Revolution". It's only 7 seconds long and nothing based on his effect is revealed, but he does a move and says how he has no idea what it's called, which sucks because I want to learn it. Any help is hugely appreciated!
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