Make up your own personal music and create a special Show!

Most magicians dedicate a great deal of precious time and money
so as to create a Magic Show or Magic Act in terms of their personal taste.
This procedure, of course, is not simple.
Endless time for thought, study and practise is required to achieve
an impressive and innovative act, in these competitve times we live in.
However, this seems not to be enough.
Nowadays, an artist has to take special consideration for other things as well, such as
the clothes, the direction, the scenario and many others.
But the most important of all is music that the artist uses!

In this part, there are two obvious choices:
1) Free of charge or free music rights from online libraries and
2) Use of an already commercial song.

In these both cases, the performer is forced to sacrifice something,
since both options hide many unpredictable traps.
For example, rejection of the video by You Tube due to copyright,
Demand od the rights in contests-festivals,
Use of common music with other artists and many more.
The sadest of them all, though, is that in any case the magician ends up
using a conventional and clise music,
that does not cover the needs of the Show and surely it does not designate it, nor it flatters it!

Music, undoubtedly, is the most complex art and its choice is really difficult.
It's impossible for a magician to know the sensational-psychological- poetic
and philosophical extentions, since it requires very high music knowledge.
On the other hand, a composer cannot know the requirements,
the "secret points" and the needs generally of a Magic Act or Show!

Tristan (George Arkomanis) is considered the only person who is concerned worldwide
specifically with music as well as with magic simultaneously.
He has written music for Magic Shows, Acts, Theater, Videos and has consulted
seminars to a lot of professional magicians.

Contact with us and create your own music!
Whichever the kind and style of your taste,
our specialized team, in fully interaction with you,
will create the "perfect" music for you, which will designate
your own personality and lift your Show!
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Yes, i know that, but the main article mentions the creation of music and the psychological structure in the performing acts, which means that needs, deep and parennial knowledge of music composition and no just an instrument knowledge, it's big a difference! Don't confuse them! I have a seminar with the title "Music In The Art Of Magic" which i studied it 10 years and i have presented it several times and Magicians have been very surprised about how many things they didn't know about this area, because these days we have wrong stereotypes about music. I hope one day to have the opportunity to share some of this things (they are endless) with you, i'm sure you gonna be surprised, good night!
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