1. KoryB87

    Trying to find product/gimmick

    Recently saw Darcy Oake, he was amazing, he did a trick where he put a glass bottle into a box, then locked it into a bigger box. Took the box to a lady, had her pick a card, disappeared the card. She opened the box and it was in there. Wondering where I could find that method or gimmick?
  2. C

    How does the double cross pen trick work?

    How does the double cross pen by mark southworth work? I'm going to buy soon and I want to know thanks!
  3. KoryB87

    Illusion books

    Hey everyone, I am new to all this and I wanted to read more about how to do illusions and begin to preform those types of tricks from small illusions to huge stage ones. Ive been trying to find any books on the subject, but I can only really find one and it was like $120 and I don't want to...
  4. S

    Best cups for cups and balls

    What cups would you suggest me to buy to perform the classic cups and balls (the cheaper the better)?
  5. S

    Music for Youtube Performance (Invisible Palm Technique)

    Hey guys! As I posted on the other thread, I started my channel this week on youtube with already one performance in there. (as you will be able to see in the link bellow) Before I go to do the street performances, I want to start by doing some home performances with some "suspense" music. On...
  6. Nerv

    What would you do with $100?

    How would you guys spend 100 dollars( or 80 British pounds)? I recently have had a trouble picking out magic tricks to buy. I love the Double Cross, Sleeper, and the Odyssey. I am also thinking about buying some David Blaine Gold Gatorbacks. Although it is well over 100 dollars, i will have to...
  7. D


    Hi everyone, I am new to this community and I noticed that no one shares their social media on here, so this is my thread allowing us to share our creative pages. My pages will allow you to laugh I hope, thank you for your time! Facebook: Twitter...
  8. Tristan Magic

    Music In The Art Of Magic

    Make up your own personal music and create a special Show! Most magicians dedicate a great deal of precious time and money so as to create a Magic Show or Magic Act in terms of their personal taste. This procedure, of course, is not simple. Endless time for thought, study and practise is...
  9. Tristan Magic

    Music For Magic, Illusion, Mentalism, Close Up!

    Hello everybody! Need High Quality Music or Consulting? Check This List
  10. J

    Joseph's Sandwich trick (performance video) for theory 11's marketplace!

    My Trick for Theory 11's Marketplace!
  11. A

    Disappearing an Egg :D

    Hello, a week ago one magic trick on youtube amazed me. It's Seave Kohen's trick which he performed on Letterman's show. I want to do this trick but I want to prove it and make this without sleeves. I have to find a better way to disappear an Egg. I don't want to do the second french drop. I was...
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