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  1. What cups would you suggest me to buy to perform the classic cups and balls (the cheaper the better)?
  2. Cheap? You've probably got three opaque cups in your cupboard. Get practicing.

    I know it sounds snarky, but Lance Burton did his cups and balls routine with three coffee mugs from WalMart.

    What do you plan to do during the routine? What kind of loads are you going to produce? Do you need any of them to be chopped? What kind of surface are you going to use? What kind of aesthetic do you have with your show?

    When I've done cups and balls in the past I used a cheap aluminum cup from (I think) Bizare De Magia (I spelled that wrong, I'm sure). It does the job, but if I decide to pick it back up I'll get one of those break-down leather cups, probably. I have a friend that does tattooing on leather who could make me a really sweet customized one.

    When it comes to building a cups and balls routine it comes down to either getting your prop first, and building the routine around that - or getting your routine first, and finding cups that can handle it.
  3. Actually this would be the first time that I would do something different from card magic, so I don't have a show to base my version of cups and balls. Anyway no I know it sounds strange but I don't have any opaque cups in my cupboard.
    So what do you suggest?
  4. I started off using Solo cups with crumpled tin foil balls. Good enough to practice.
  5. I tried it the other night using bra cups... my son and his buddies thought it was awesome. An... 'Adult' spin on a classic.. have to cut off the straps of the bra lol
  6. I disagee with the cheaper the better. If you buy something cheap, you end up replacing it with something more expensive. As a result, you spend more money than if you bought something expensive to begin with.

    Basically, the more you pay the better the cup. The Uday and Premium Magic are passable, the Bazare de Magia cups are better, the Penguin cups are even better. My recommendation is Rings and Things. Their cups are beautiful and look professional.

    To start with, do what Dai Vernon did for his routine in Stars of Magic - take a glass and wrap it in paper.

    That brings a new meaning to the term strapless. Get a sponge ding dong and you are good to go. Oh, the really bad jokes I could make doing that routine. I may just have to right it up. That would be a great Saturday night contest.
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  7. What would your character use?

    You can find metal, wood, ceramic, leather and probably other materials for cups and balls. Depending on what you are wanting to produce from the cups, and what look you prefer, you'll want different types of materials or designs of cups.

    When I was writing my original routine out, I wanted to do a gag where I produced an elephant from the cup. So I went to a toy store with my cup and wandered around seeing if I could find an elephant that fit inside the cup.

    These days the only time I use a cups and balls routine is when I'm doing my presentation on perceptual manipulation. Or if someone really begs me to. If I were to pick it back up I would, as I said, get a leather one because that suits the concept of my character more.

    By the way, you can start learning the sleights with any cup. And though I don't particular like it myself, there is a routine that uses clear cups (Not P&Ts - but I'm blanking on the guy's name now - he does the laser act)
  8. I agree with RealityOne above. When buying tricks get the best you can afford. As far as cheap cups and balls go to Walmart and get some colored Solo cups and a bag of cotton balls. The cotton balls need to be rolled tight when wet with a touch of red food coloring in the water and let to dry out. You can learn the trick and get your routine going with those for less than 2-3 bucks....

    That being said, when I bought my Cups and Balls I went to a supplier that also had a Chop Cup that looked exactly the same. I don't recall who I got them from, but having these cups all exactly the same opens up a world of routines that you can build on....

    Good Luck
  9. Actually I was going to buy barista's boston shakers, but I couldn't find any cheaper than 6 euros per each one, so I thought of you guys to see which cups you would suggest.
    So resuming all that's been said
    I shold go to the supermarket and buy some chopped cups, some cotton balls and some red food colorant. This just to start, then I will upgrade when I will have learned the moves, right?
    By the way I do not have any show so I don't need to base this trick on it.
  10. Another good place.. for those that have them is IKEA. They sell an amazing assortment of cups. Some, lots of people have never seen.
  11. If you definately want to get the cups and balls before you learn the routine, what is your Price Range? If your willing to spend $15 - $20 you can find some pretty good ones on amazon and other online magic retailers. Check out a magic shop if there's one near you.
  12. Nice, thanks
  13. Ok, I'll ceck thaks
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  14. I used mini terracotta pots for the longest time. A golf ball wedged nicely into the base for a funky final load.
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