cups and balls

  1. R

    Cups and Balls not on stage?

    Hi all, this is my first post so here goes. I'm still at school, and like to do tricks for my friends, haunted deck etc. However, a few years ago, I bought a set of cups and balls, but never really showed anyone because I've never really found a suitable setting. Everyone that I've seen performs...
  2. S

    Best cups for cups and balls

    What cups would you suggest me to buy to perform the classic cups and balls (the cheaper the better)?
  3. TreyPat86

    In the Market for new Cups and Balls

    After several years of use, I'm looking to get a new cups and balls set. I have been using a lightweight aluminum combo set (with chop cup), I believe by Uday. They've served me well, but the lightweight aluminum has been denting far too easily, and the time has come to upgrade. What sets do...
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