In the Market for new Cups and Balls

Oct 3, 2015
Southern Utah
After several years of use, I'm looking to get a new cups and balls set. I have been using a lightweight aluminum combo set (with chop cup), I believe by Uday. They've served me well, but the lightweight aluminum has been denting far too easily, and the time has come to upgrade. What sets do people recommend?

I am not able to go too high price-wise, so hand made sets for $500+ are out of the question. I'd like to get another combo set so I don't have to eliminate portions of my routine. I'd also like to get get a copper or brass set, though it's not a deal breaker.

I've found a couple sets I'm interested in, but informed opinions would be very helpful;

Set one: Brass Stunner Cups, combo set.

Set two: Combo Cups by Ickle Pickle
Aug 13, 2015
I was looking at a new combo set as well a while back. I had an aluminum set of combo Mendoza cups that I bought from Rings n Things that I liked, but I wanted a heavier set. I would recommend the Johnson Cups from Johnson Products. You have to buy the chop cup and cups separate, since I was on a budget I first bought a chop cup first, then the cups a few months later. These cups are cut from a solid block so they are so solid and make a nice ring when using them. I love them and the only cups I will get now that I have these would be for collecting because the Johnson cups are so perfect! Hope this helps!
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