1. TheMagicGiant

    First try at custom playing cards . . .

    I've spent just a little while designing this deck back. I personally really like it, but I think I may be a bit biased. I was thinking of calling them "Take Flight". If you've got a sec, please reply with your opinions and what you would add/take out. (I haven't done any work on the pips...
  2. Karo-K54

    Best Way to Get a Break under Two Cards

    Many magicians preach getting a break before double lifts instead of doing push-off doubles or strike doubles... At least, the ones I know. But some magicians may use one method, another might be taught in a magic book, and another might be judged as too inefficient or beginner level. What's the...
  3. 7ri_Kings

    How far can sleight of hand magic go?

    Sorry, I don't know how to word the question. Just curious, if all you have is a deck of cards (plus any everyday items like Sharpie and paper), is there a point where classic sleight of hand magic just cannot compete with card magic done with expensive props or gimmicks?
  4. 7ri_Kings

    Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read?

    I'm about 3 weeks into card magic, so I barely know anything about this art yet. (you don't have to read this part...) I went to my local (2.5 hours away) magic shop last week looking for The Royal Road to Card Magic because Chris Ramsay suggested it, but the guy told me I should get Card...
  5. JordyDoust

    What blog would you like to read?

    I make a magicians blog that tailors to magicians and lay-men and would like to know what you would like to read. and what you think I should write.
  6. eliascaress

    New opener

    Hello, I need some help with inspiration please. I'd like to retire my dove, so I'll need a new opener for my stage show. It' has to be quick and high impact, commando would be nice too. suggestions please
  7. C

    Left eye lie Opinions?

    Has anyone ever noticed someone looking towards your left eye when lying ? Do you believe this means they're lying ?
  8. C

    If u could perform one trick without gimmick, with just a pack of cards what would it be??

    If u could perform one card trick without gimmick, with just a pack of cards for a special friend what would it be??(u can stack the deck or do a little setup but No GIMMICK). For me its Binary code by Rick Lax......
  9. TreyPat86

    In the Market for new Cups and Balls

    After several years of use, I'm looking to get a new cups and balls set. I have been using a lightweight aluminum combo set (with chop cup), I believe by Uday. They've served me well, but the lightweight aluminum has been denting far too easily, and the time has come to upgrade. What sets do...
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