First try at custom playing cards . . .

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Should I keep working on this and maybe market it on kickstarter?

  1. Yea

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  1. I've spent just a little while designing this deck back. I personally really like it, but I think I may be a bit biased. I was thinking of calling them "Take Flight". If you've got a sec, please reply with your opinions and what you would add/take out.

    (I haven't done any work on the pips or royalty, so I'm sure it will change if I continue to work on this project.)
  2. Some kind of border to make the cards have presence in fan would be nice.

    I like the colour choices though.

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  3. I like there being no border, but maybe just a stripe or something else to make fans and spreads look better.
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  4. Yeah, not necessarily a border but something that will be visible when spreading or fanning the cards.

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  5. I really like the design.Thin borders ,thin lines with rounded corners ....Running from the upper-left and lower-right corners to the other two corner and fading midway (slightly more than midway) with the same shade of colours used in the design would be really cool.Performing Pirouette with this back would look awesome.;)
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  6. I love the feathery, flowing design, but I would change the name. Sounds a bit too corny for my taste.
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  7. Thanks everybody for your feedback. I'm going to continue working on this. I'll more than likely add some partial borders reminiscent of the Saturn hyperspace cards, as well as a marking system. If you have any more ideas just leave a comment and I'll be sure to read it.
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  8. I love the cards, and i tink for the face cards that a simplistic design with the same color scheme whuld be nice and it whould look grat if the was a fade like the one in the back design maby between the two faces or on the left side.

    Ps: If they go on kikstarter i whould totally invest.
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  9. Yeah, I'm working on the pips now. I'll update once i get a few done.
  10. Sorry for the long wait, I got very busy today with some prior engagements. anyways, i digress. I've got what i think to be some decent pips done, and I'll most likely end up using these unless you guys really hate them. . .
    anyways, drop a comment to let me know what you think! also, if you have any ideas for the jokers or ace of spades let me know as well, I'm totally open to suggestions. Who know, maybe I'll go off the wall and do something strange like make the ace of diamonds special. . .
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  11. they are awsome!
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  12. Hello there I`am also trying to put together a custom card deck with custom illustrations. If u have any advice on were to print them.
    thank you in advance. :)
  13. Hi
    I'm not super sure that I understand your question. If I'm understanding it correctly, you're asking what company you should get the cards printed through. In that case, I'm the wrong person to ask. I'm very new to this, and I haven't decided anything about the actual print but that I want them to be done by bicycle.
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  14. Yeah you understood me correctly. Ok well thx you regardless I wasn`t aware that you could print VIA bicycle .

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