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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by eliascaress, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Hello,
    I need some help with inspiration please.
    I'd like to retire my dove, so I'll need a new opener for my stage show.

    It' has to be quick and high impact, commando would be nice too.

    suggestions please
  2. Have you considered a torn and restored newspaper? It's quick, easy, visual, and with all the political discourse right now over "fake news" it would be easy to come up with a topical patter...

    All over the world people are concerned with what is real and what is false- truth and lie- genuine and fake. (Said as you are ripping up the newspaper) Tonight, however, I want us to escape the worry of yesterday and the trouble of tomorrow, and concern ourselves only with the here and now. Do not try to discern if what I'm doing is real or false. Instead, suspend your disbelief, and follow me to a moment of wonder. After all, the troubles of the world will still be there when we are finished. (Show the paper fully restored.)
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  3. I have an idea for a trick , Its my own idea require's sleight of hand if you'd like to hear about it PM me i'll tell you about it !!! :3
  4. What's the rest of your show like? It's hard to suggest a good opener if we have no idea what it's opening for.
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