1. JacobF4

    Preparation Or Expection?

    Hello Everyone, Halloween night I was asked to 'perform' at my good friends party. (I know COVID Comments may ensue.) I am familiar with performing magic since I was 12 years old but never got too many chances to show off what I've been practicing in front of a crowd/stage environments, Just...
  2. Zenn_Magic

    Card FROM Pocket

    hey everyone, I am trying to crate a stage trick with cards and need some advice for a segment of the trick. I want to have a spectator put the card in THEIR pocket and have it vanish into mine. is this even possible, to make a card disappear from someone else's pocket.
  3. I

    Mnemonica tricks with big cards?

    Hi folks, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any mnemonica based tricks that work well with oversized cards for stage magic? I'm learning mnemonica and wondered if there are some decent ways to insert into a show that is too far from the audience for regular card tricks to really work well. Thanks!
  4. O

    Face to Face

    I was just wandering what peoples views on the trick face to face poker was and how they perform it, just to see different styles of performing the trick.
  5. Justin James

    Question on grand illusions

    Does anyone know of any good books or dvds on stage magic or grand illusions? I plan on starting a stage routine to switch things up from my closeup act. Thank you in advance.
  6. Antonio Diavolo

    Talent Show?

    A bunch of people have been urging me to do magic in the school talent show coming up on November 30th. I do mostly street type magic with cards, coins, everyday objects so stage magic is somewhat different for me. I was thinking maybe a classic Chop cup routine would work but I'm not sure. Most...
  7. K

    Stage magic tips

    So i want to expand my magic, knowledge and performance wise, i have recently been interested in stage magic and I perform and practice close up so i would like some help on beginner stage magic. Recommendations on books and dvds for beginner stage magic would be nice or any reccomendations...
  8. V

    Quick-Change Help

    Hi guys, this is my first post and I'm looking for help with a quick-change outfit performance. My plan is to use a large cardboard box as the location of the change, and subsequently use the same box for a sword routine (but that's not my issue today). However, I'm not sure how large the box...
  9. Antonio Diavolo

    Manipulation Deck?

    I was wondering what would be the best manipulation deck to buy? I'm talking about the super thin decks where people will pull seemingly infinite cards from nowhere, usually on stage. What's the best deck to buy? Also, is there any way to learn some of the methods used in these productions? Or...
  10. eliascaress

    New opener

    Hello, I need some help with inspiration please. I'd like to retire my dove, so I'll need a new opener for my stage show. It' has to be quick and high impact, commando would be nice too. suggestions please
  11. D

    Any Good Books For Stage Magic?

    I looked through the forum and couldn't find what I was looking for, so I'll directly ask instead. As much as I like card, coin, and table magic, its just not what I like. I prefer the grand illusion, like cutting a woman in half, metamorphosis, etc. There is hundreds of books dedicated to card...
  12. LewisRegis

    Magic for Pep Fests

    My high school regularly has students perform at their pep fests/rallies. I wanted to know if anyone has ideas on tricks that would look good. There are over 1000 kids in the school so it would need to be something that looks big, it needs to be preformed either surrounded or on three sides, and...
  13. davebarr98

    Stage Card Magic

    Hello everyone! On Saturday, I'll be contesting on a talent show (super small one, no more than 100 ppl). It is my very first time on a stage, performing magic to more than 10 people. I just perform card magic, but on the stage, I don't know what to do. I've been thinking about signed card to...
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