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Which box is a good size for a quick-change?

  1. 1970 x 630 x 705 mm (H x W x D)

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  2. 1872 x 979 x 780 mm (H x W x D)

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  1. Hi guys, this is my first post and I'm looking for help with a quick-change outfit performance. My plan is to use a large cardboard box as the location of the change, and subsequently use the same box for a sword routine (but that's not my issue today). However, I'm not sure how large the box needs to be to make this both achievable and believable. I have added a poll including the sizes of 2 available boxes for my trick. Thank you for any input guys. Also if you had any advice for quick change routines in general that would be appreciated too.
  2. I guess it depends on the method you are using for the change. Many changes don't need too much cover. I've seen a few changes work with a flickering light. You could also look at something like Calen Morelli's Dresscode. No box needed, just a jacket.

    I would opt for a smaller box if possible, then again, some methods wont allow you to go very small.
  3. My plan is to change from one suit into another. The change thus including fake trousers over the top to be ripped off, and a blazer swap. It's the blazer swap that might take up space as to be fast, I'm finding my elbows reach out quite far.
  4. I think that you are only limited by the method that you use. If your gimmicks can be used in a smaller environment then do it. If it looks more natural for the box to be larger then do that.

    If you need a larger box than use a larger one. In the example below the guy uses a large divider. Because of the divider's length and how long it takes him to walk behind it he has more time to do the change. It looks natuaral because as he goes in and as he leaves the cover he's walking at a slow leisurely pace.


    The quick change has the potential to be more startling if it is covered for less time.
  5. That's helpful. I know I need to shorten the change to increase effect. I'm wondering if a reversible blazer would be a good idea. Such that a different colour is sewn into the inside and could be easily reversed to save time. But I wouldn't know where to begin getting something like that. I suppose a trip to the tailor wouldn't be amiss. Also I realised I need to be wearing a waistcoat at the start, so I think best thing is to have a cutout of waistcoat pinned to my blazer so give the effect of a waistcoat.

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