Preparation Or Expection?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JacobF4, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Halloween night I was asked to 'perform' at my good friends party. (I know COVID Comments may ensue.)

    I am familiar with performing magic since I was 12 years old but never got too many chances to show off what I've been practicing in front of a crowd/stage environments, Just smaller groups. (Which I intended this would be at the party.)

    I found myself unexpectedly standing in a living room being watched by over 25 people. I decided to stick with my gun and show the 'Close up' effects that I had prepared but found that they didn't have the same impact on the crowd. I heard many express confusion in the crowd because they didn't understand the full extent of what was happening in the trick.

    It was a bit nerve-racking and I felt my confidence fading as this affected my overall performance.

    Has anyone else been in a situation like this? How have you used this as a learning tool and how did you thrive moving forward?

    Really appreciate your responses.

  2. The problem is that most close-up effects don't play well in a parlor (larger group, no stage) performance. More specifically, a lot of card tricks don't play well for larger audiences when they can't see what you are doing (and yes, magicians focus too much on card tricks in my opinion).

    What effects did you perform and which effect played the best and which ones played the worst?

    What effects do you know that you think would work better?
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  3. I started with French Kiss which surprisingly did well in front of everyone. Then I moved to double cross which for the first time ever went wrong. I made a huge mistake with Aaron fisher’s search and destroy and by that point the hype was gone. Embarrassing to say but it’s true so just looking to get some tips for next time.
  4. I know my patter and performance is solid I think it’s just that I struggle to put together a strong routine of effects that adapt to different situations
  5. Jacob, it is a cliche, but true, that we learn the most from our mistakes. You have freely admitted yours to many people here and that takes courage and humility, but it also shows that you are open to learning from what happened and using the opportunity to improve. That is the path to greatness. When I encountered the situation you did (having only a close-up repertoire and yet thrust into a situation of having to perform for a whole roomful of people), it motivated me to put together a 30-40 minute stand-up show comprised of routines that play big and utilize a lot of audience interaction, involvement and participation. That was many years ago, and it has served me well ever since. Good luck on all your magical endeavors!

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  6. This was super insightful and I truly appreciate your response/suggestions!

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