What would you do with $100?

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  1. How would you guys spend 100 dollars( or 80 British pounds)? I recently have had a trouble picking out magic tricks to buy. I love the Double Cross, Sleeper, and the Odyssey. I am also thinking about buying some David Blaine Gold Gatorbacks. Although it is well over 100 dollars, i will have to make a decision. Do you guys have a recommendation? The magic trick or card can be from any website vendor( Theory11, Ellusionist, Ebay, etc.). Thanks!
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  3. I have been doing card magic and flourishes for over a year now. I mostly started out with card flourishes then branched out to card magic and also coin magic. I am pretty open to any kind of sleight of hand. Thanks for responding!
    P.S. I'm from the states (California). And the website looks intersting.
  4. Me? I'd put a payment on my credit card. RealityOne is right, it's hard to make recommendations if we're not familiar with you, your style, what you've already studied, so on.

    For $100 you could get Mark Wilson's book, a brick of cards, some 50 cent pieces, and have over $50 left over to get supplies to build other props if you so chose.
  5. As to what I personally would buy with $100 based on what you listed you already have (Double Cross, Sleeper, and Odyssey) I would recommend Break by Uday Jadugar and Regeneration by Blake Vogt, both of which are found here on Theory11. If either one of those don't meet your fancy I would recommend either Invisible Card by Blake Vogt, Dresscode by Calen Morelli, or The Code by Andy Nyman (I don't personally have it but my friends tell me it's fantastic). I've done reviews of both Break and Invisible Card on my YouTube channel with live performances if you are interested in check those out. Break gets my highest recommendation just because it gets such great reactions.
  6. Ha, the reference to British pounds threw me off.

    So, if I had $100 to spend on magic, I'd get all three books in the Art of Astonishment series.
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  7. That's a good one. Look into Paul Harris, and if his magic seems to be up your alley the Art of Astonishment series is gold.

    Beyond that, I would seriously spend time looking through tricks that look like something you can see yourself performing, and then before buying them ask questions. What tricks do YOU want to buy? Let us help you decide for yourself if they are a good fit.

    // L
  8. Oh, thank you! Do you have any personal favorites? Any tricks that can impress a spectator to a new level would be nice!
  9. So my favorite effects that I perform are typically stage effects and they are out of the $100 price range which is why I was recommending street magic effects.

    Books definitely give you the most bang for your buck and RealityOne gave you a really great recommendation of Paul Harris's Art of Astonishment volumes. His effects will definitely impress your spectators to whole new levels.

    Since you already have Double Cross, you have one of the most powerful street magic effects that I have ever used. My top recommendation is Break which can be bought right here on Theory11 plus it will give you access to the refills (not sure if you will have access to it if you buy it from other sites). That floors my spectators and they keep their broken up penny months afterwards from what I have heard. Get Dresscode if you don't have it already. That was the first magic effect I ever bought. If you have that already, I would recommend either Invisible Card or Regeneration. Regeneration is really great since the card can signed and given to the spectator.

    Here are some reviews I did of some of the effects if you wanted to learn more about them. I highly recommend researching magic effects before you purchase them:


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