Close-Up Pad substitutes?

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  1. Hello!

    I can't really afford a close-up mat right now, but I need a soft surface to practice magic, ribbon spreads, tabled flourishes, etc...

    Any ideas on a cheap alternative?

    And no, I don't have a carpet in my house.
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  2. Try looking up playmats used in games like Magic:the Gathering, Yugioh, etc.
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  3. Just a table cloth really. If you want it softer, add a kitchen towel underneath (experimenting with thickness).

    I made a large homemade one. I had a large piece of black velvet/velour fabric (but that would be pretty cheap to pick up I'm sure). I then went to a vehicle upholstery shop and asked for a scrap piece of foam liner (what they use under the fabric headliner in car roof interior). They let me take a piece for free. Now I have a huge closeup mat that was free!
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  4. Thanks everyone for the ideas. I'll try these and see which works best for me.
  5. One more, I used to use a green towel when I first started.
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  6. I am glad I found this thread, this is something I have been wondering about.
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  7. Best place to practice for me while I was learning was the foot of the bed.
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  8. Anything with a soft smooth surface will work. I usually don't take my pad with me so I practice on a chair or the couch most of the time haha
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  9. I used to practice on my computer chair but I had to kneel down while practicing so it was quite uncomfortable.

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