1. G

    Entire deck spin ???

    yo I saw this guy spin an entire deck in his hands with out the use of any gimmick does anybody have a clue where I could find this
  2. S

    Regalia Deck by Shin Lim

    I wanted to know how the Regalia deck by Shin Lim handle and also about its quality as I wanted to buy it , it would be great if people who have this deck for a while now can share their experience with this deck
  3. L

    (Spoof Vid) Flourish 52: Pick Up (A Journey into Cardistry) Demo

    I may have had too much free time and needed a break from actually practicing flourishes. Hopefully you crack a smile and respect to all the cardists out there, the work you guys do is amazing.
  4. mexican nanny

    what is this called?

    Hey does anyone know what this card swirl thing is called or have any idea on how to do it? It looks a lot like the thing waiters do to napkins in hospitality but i've tried out the method and that doesn't seem to work :/
  5. Medford Magic

    "Nine of Hearts" Documentary

    Hello there! I am currently in the process of constructing a documentary based on the stories of magician's and cardist's struggles with bullying and harassment due to them partaking in these hobbies. It really saddens me to learn and even think about these, but I need your help. If you have a...
  6. D

    One handed cut name/tutorial?

    What is the name of this cut that Zach Mueller does a lot or where can I find a tutorial? 0:13
  7. Verocity

    Having trouble finding the right deck?

    everyone has different taste in cards... I started out using Bicycle Cards, now I use the Virtuoso SS16 deck... If your having trouble finding the right deck, or your just starting out in cardistry, go for Bicycle. Its cheap and not bad for flourishes. What Cards would you recommend?
  8. Verocity

    Post Tutorials Here!

    Post any cardistry video tutorial... Or make one yourself!
  9. Verocity

    What are the flourish names that The Virts perform in their videos?

    I only know a few of the flourishes that they perform. The Anaconda, waterwheel, flicker. that's all the flourishes i know by them.
  10. RichieM

    Utah Cardists Needed!!! I'm trying to start a cardist community here in utah.

    I am looking for some fellow finger flickers here in utah , to jam with and to develop the art of cardistry. whether you're a full time magician or just the occasional trickster practicing a small amount of cardistry can make a mundane trick look even flashier or at least build up some dexterity...
  11. Derek Humberson

    Waterbend help

    Came across the tutorial by Joe Feldpausch the other day and have watched it several times. Got everything down until you allow the cards to cascade and I am not sure what I am doing wrong at that point. Is there slight pressure applied or a missed finger placement etc.. Im not a fan of the...
  12. L

    Riffle Fan - Need help with pressure

    I know that most tutorials will say that it's something I have to figure out for myself. But is the pressure needed to do the riffle fan just under? Or is there pressure from above also? Also, does the speed of the spread have anything to do with the stability so the cards won't fall while...
  13. L

    Cuts that showcase the display

    Hi guys I'm a beginner, and I've been searching for techniques to showcase the face of the cards, mostly for instagram purpose. So far I've tried to learn the 5 faces of Sybil, and will attempt spindash by Jaspas next. Any other suggestions? Would be good if you also post a link to the...
  14. GavHern

    What Cardistry Should I Learn?

    Hello, forms! I have been wanting to learn some cardistry for a while but I haven't been able to find anything I like. I want a really good looking, flowy and clean cut that isn't too hard. I would say I'm somewhere in the Intermediate-range but not too advanced. If you have anything to clarify...
  15. King_Arthur

    Thought I'd Share This

    Hi all, I'm new here, thought i'd share this new video i came across on youtube to this thread. I thought it was pretty cool, just wanted to see other peoples thoughts on it, pretty mysterious..
  16. King_Arthur

    Anyone Know Who This Could Be? Pretty Cool New Video

  17. leumas1960

    What to put on Kickstarter

    Hello everybody, above I have a simple poll asking which element I should choose as my theme for my upcoming deck of cards, so please vote as I'm not really sure what to start with.
  18. B

    Looking for dutch cardists/magicians

    Hi, I'm from the netherlands. I started magic about 2 years ago, but I didn't really do it a lot. I grabbed my cards, did a spring and a bad double lift, and threw my cards back into the corner. But at the start of 2017, I started taking it more serious. I saw This was something i loved doing. I...
  19. C

    What are your favorite cardistry cards?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering what cardistry cards you like the best? List your top 3? Thanks :)
  20. Paper Cinema

    CENTRIPETAL: a new kind of cardistry video!

    Watch my new cardistry video Centripetal: It's a blend between a cardistry video and a short film, so see if it's interesting and drop a like if it is. You can subscribe and follow for future videos. Thanks!
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