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  1. Hi guys

    I'm a beginner, and I've been searching for techniques to showcase the face of the cards, mostly for instagram purpose.

    So far I've tried to learn the 5 faces of Sybil, and will attempt spindash by Jaspas next.

    Any other suggestions? Would be good if you also post a link to the tutorial.

  2. Moves with Fans and Spreads. Also, putting the camera at an angle and holding the faces of the cards towards it (this can be a side angle, upwards angle, whatever).
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  3. Thank! Didn't think about the camera angle.
  4. Spindash is pretty hard, especially if you are struggling with 5 phases of sybil. It is a nice move if you get it down. The werm is a nice, easy move. If you are not a beginner, the best displays would be blockbuster from Kevin Ho and fulsofan from birger karllson
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  5. Alternatively, you could do something that showcases every card, like Anaconda by Bone Ho
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