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When I post a Kickstarter card project, which element should I do first?

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  1. Earth

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  2. Fire

  3. Water

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  4. Air

  1. Hello everybody, above I have a simple poll asking which element I should choose as my theme for my upcoming deck of cards, so please vote as I'm not really sure what to start with.
  2. I said fire just because no one ever does fire. I mean, you have Ignite, and that's pretty much it.
  3. Let us know how it goes. Kickstarter's are incredibly hard to pull off successfully. I hope you have a brand and fan base that you can pull from. Without that it can be very difficult. best of luck.
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  4. One thing to consider - what is your goal? To do a successful Kickstarter? Or to produce a deck of cards? These may seem similar, but they are FAR different.

    If your goal is to do a Kickstarter, the playing card part of this is going to be secondary. The quality may suffer. We see this ALL THE TIME.

    If your goal is to do a deck of cards, don't worry yet about messing around with a kickstarter. Design a great deck. Improve it. Get feedback, and improve. Make the deck itself your priority. When it is ready, THEN decide where best to go to make it happen.

    The dream of doing a Kickstarter is really appealing to a lot of people, but despite the fact that you see a lot of people doing it there are in reality very few people doing it well. Kickstarter is a tool, one of many. Focusing on that is kind of like saying "I want to use a hammer, so I am going to build a house." That house is not going to be good. Instead, flip things around. "I am going to design my dream house. It is going to be this big, and have this many rooms, and will be this style." Eventually in your process the time will come to use a hammer. Pick it up and use it, but keep your eye on your dream house.

    Go make your dream deck of cards, and come back when it is ready.

    // L
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  5. My goal is actually to gain momentum with a few different decks of cards, ensuring they're well designed before release, ending with the final deck, which I hope to be able to make with Q1 for cardistry. I do have a solid concept and plan, but they're going to take time to develop.

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