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    I'm not good at cardistry at all but i enjoy practicing and creating moves sometimes.​
    I created some good flourishes and i was thinking to put them up on the wire but i know if i filmed the trailer myself nobody will download it even for free LOL,

    Do you think i should keep them to myself doing them in my bedroom ?
    or do you have another option for me ?
    i'm thinking maybe show them to someone to try them.

    This was my cardistry level early this year just to clarify why i said i'm bad at it:
    at 0:36 and 1:20

    I thought cardistry is practice but after many many tries i believe now that it's a talent.

    :) :(
  2. Is that Russian gum? If so. Pass some around for the whole class!

    I'll say this about your moves: You're getting there, but keep on practicing.

    But considering that you are not a cardist, from what you say; I am assuming you would be interested in cardistry to utilize within magic.

    I think the biggest issue for magicians trying to integrate cardistry moves in magic, is that about 95% of what is out there does not serve a cohesive and purposeful use in magic application without looking needlessly flashy.

    I think what would help serve you a bit for both applications is to learn how to do a 'perfect faro shuffle' (maybe a perfect faro into a one-handed shuffle), and maybe look into different fan flourishes (Ekaterinas 'French Manicure'. 'Yin Yang Fan'. And maybe 'Vad Fan' comes to mind).

    But if you're doing it for fun. By all means, ignore most of the above!
  3. No it's not is Russian ... Russian gums are so good or something ?

    Thank you for the suggestions i'm definitely gonna check them out but no i'm not looking for flourishes that could fit in with magic i'm trying to do cardistry because practicing it is so much fun and i love making videos and cardistry videos are the best to make and watch ... so in that process i ended up with few new moves that i don't know what to do with.

    I'm not a cardist because i can't do cardistry only magic is like a part of me now. :)

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