Problem with my Virtuoso SS16 deck

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  1. (i hope this is still active)
    Anyways, hey guys. I made this account to assess this problem i dont know. (I dont know what to call it, rather) On the short side of my virts deck, all the playing cards are "wavy" in shape. When you take an individual card, you can see it isnt as flat as you would get it out of the box. I just want to know how to get the cards to be flat again, so it wont look too "old", or " very used." Any useful info on this problem and solution is very appreciated. Thanks!

    p.s. Ive tried alternating the cards, and stacking heavy cd cases and ipads on it, still didnt work
    Ive used card clips, nothing
  2. A card press will probably do it, if you want to spend that kind of money.
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  3. If you bought them recently and received them damaged, talk to the seller.

    Otherwise, You could do what Christopher suggests and use a card press like this one;

    Granted, if you don't have a card press, you could buy another SS16 for about 2/3 the price. However, Are the Virts gonna release a ss17, since they've released a new deck every year? I have no idea, but if they are, I would probably hold off and buy that one.

    If the deck is just old and severely worn out, you just have to keep using a card clip, and a card press.
  4. Is there a click in the deck, or is it warped? Try faro shuffling with the bridge the cards face up into face down and springing and le-paul spreading the cards each time after for 30 minutes. If putting heavy stuff on it doesn't work, theres probably a click in the deck from all the heat and moisture permeating into the cards :/. But usually the deck would be "wavy" on one half and straight on the other.
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  5. Ummm, ill try to describe how warped(?) my cards are.
    (Back design on top) from left to right, it waves up, then down. Same way when you rotate the deck 180°, it waves up and down too.
  6. About the cards, they were in really good condition, just bought them for Php850 (around USD17(?)), i think i just practiced lepaul spreads on both sides way too much.
    I think i can hold my money for the SS17. I heard rumours saying that this deck will have a "cool" theme, meaning we'll probably see some blue, or purple. Its a rumour, so this may not be the colors. Its not my thing to use card clips, since they cost $15+ (at , an authentic playing card, magic, etc. online store)
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  7. These would look good for display. Pricewise, not good (in my case )
  8. That might be a click in the cards. Do this, hold the deck in Dealer's Grip, and put your thumb where the wave is the highest (ie, where it goes up, the highest point it waves up). Start applying pressure with your thumb. After a certain amount of pressure, the deck will kind of "switch" so that the wave is in the opposite direction, and it may even make a sound (but not always). If you let go with your thumb, it may pop back, or you may have to push it back. If so, you have a click in the deck my friend, and there are ways to solve this.

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