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  1. Hey!
    I'd love to do a meetup soon and do some jamming, i only have 1 problem.. There are barely any flourishers in Belgium! Especially in the north (flemish/vlaams). If you happen to know any cardists from Belgium please help me and let me know, i've not met a single one and would love to meet up and share some awesome moves. I've asked the same question on the cardistry reddit forum as well but with no succes. Thanks for your time! I hope i can reach some people through this post :)
  2. Im a magician mentalist......
    I live in Antwerpen but the only problemen is that im studying in gateshead till march then im back for a month or so....
  3. I see, do you also practice cardistry?
  4. I try to....not the best tough.
  5. I'm just getting into cardistry, I live around Hasselt (Limburg). I'm still studying, so I don't have much time to jam and meetup. I am free in the schoolvacations and most saturdays.
  6. sah dude. i'm a cardist from Ostend probably close to where you live. dus makker wij moeten eens afspreken ik heb vroeger nog wat magic gedaan maar stort me nu puur op cardistry als je eens een meet up wilt doen laat maar weten
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  7. I just started out to practice cardistry but would love to see your moves, maybe you could also teach me some basic stuff. (From around Sint-Truiden). I'm still in college tho so we might have to compromise in date & stuff.
  8. I am not a good cardist but i can help you maybe and dan you can help me to
  9. New to all of this, but from Belgium, send me a message!
  10. I already met up with another cardist from Belgium a few times. I suggest we do a big Belgium cardistry jam and all meet up at 1 colation, great to get to know eachother and learn stuff! :) I'll bring out some details soon
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  11. Great! Keep in touch!

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