How can i know if my new move is original?

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  1. I made a new flourish but i don't know how to publish it safely and i don't know either if this flourish is original, please tell me how i can do that without showing it to anyone. I don't want my idea to be stealed. Thanks for reading by the way, i hope anyone of you knows.
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  2. If you don't know yourself, you can't know unless you ask someone.
  3. You will need to do research on this. Ask people in the industry if they have ever seen anything like it before and do your best to credit any influences you have on this.
  4. Kudos to you for asking first, NotAceOfClubs!
  5. I think that u have to search on instagram, there are alot of people that share alot of cool stuff
  6. Just post your move and if anybody has a REAL proof of them releasing this move before you then add credits to them.
    Search on instagram or reddit for 15mins and if you don't see your move then I think you can call it original ;)
  7. That's not how it works.
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  8. Then how does it work ?
  9. Actually doing research by asking around, posting the move for people to actually see it, going through old resources to see if anything similar has been posted, waiting for a bit to see if anyone responds.

    Searching on Instagram and Reddit for 15 minutes won't get you anywhere.

    @NotAceOfClubs I suggest posting the move here, as well as a few other places just to show people. Someone will most probably recognize it if it is an already preexisting move. No one is going to need to show proof, but rather just direct you to another source. You could also hunt around online in archives, though it's a bit trickier with cardistry than it is with magic. With magic, you have great resources such as Conjuring Archive that can describe certain effects in detail and help you figure out whether or not the move already exists.
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  10. Yes, you're right. About that, I am working on a Cardistry Encyclopedia that will gather the most known moves and other les known. I want to make a website out of it (I have many friends who do a lot of website designing and programming).
    If an encyclopedia like that already exists, please tell me :)
  11. The only issue with this is that it is really old. Also, most of these are flourishes that stem from books and other resources. Cardistry flourishes tend to be much newer, as cardistry itself is much more of a recent creation. While flourishing has been around forever, all of the flourishes from old books more or less had a point (even springs seemed to make sense in a magician's hands, where as something like a super fancy aerial cut doesn't always fit). Many newer flourishes don't really coincide well with magic all the time, as they themselves have become the performance.
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  12. Thanks !! Ok, yes it looks quite old and a lot of new moves appeared these past 2 years.
  13. Do you think that when a trick is submitted to theory11, they varify if its original or not?
    So if the trick already exists, then they they'll reject it?
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  14. I don't really know, but if it's a cut that is really known like the Sybil Cut, they will probably reject it.
    We can ask @Lyle Borders
  15. Yes, we will reject it if the contents of your submission are not original.

    // L

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