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  1. Hello everyone. We're in a weird time right now. I've had shows get cancelled but I'd love to go over a few ways we can get over what we are all going through.

    Obviously some people aren't avid on performing on social media but I feel this is a good time to hop on some apps and give them a try. Upload to Facebook, Insta, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. It still gives you the opportunity to perform for people and get the social feedback we need, because I know I'm having performance withdrawals. Make a magic or cardistry video. Do a live stream and talk to your fanbase and do a trick every few min, just don't burn yourself out in one live stream.

    Honestly rematch some old magic videos. I'm a firm believer in whats old is new. My street performance when I go out is 5 tricks I have a set focus on for lets say that month then one trick that I'll get for video. I started magic in the first grade but really took off in middle school for me (I'm 24 now), the goal is to find those old videos from that middle school and study them, you have nothing but time.

    PRACTICE. Whether it's a new effect or one you have done for forever, PRACTICE IT. Let me break down what I mean by practice. Don't just go through the motions in a mirror and say it's good enough. Take your basic sleight and try and do it the slowest you can do it without any windows, talking coins, ect. I was fortunate to have a mentor that told me THAT SUCKED. Be honest with yourself don't post to post an effect or perform it. Tell yourself it's not ready. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

    Hope everyone is safe and when this over we can bring happiness and smiles to people through our art.
  2. I was thinking on putting some content on my youtube... I only use it to have testimonials, demo videos, etc... and not creating a following... but I think this is a good time to work on it...

    I have a couple of other projects to work on... but I am also a little bummed, because I got some shows canceled that would have provided a lot of money for me... nevermind... tough times dont last... only tough people do...
  3. Many performers I follow; magicians, comedians, and musicians, have all done just that. I watched Mat Franco’s performance the other day, it was fun. Popped in on a couple live streams from some magicians today as well. Kinda wish people would quit asking to learn stuff in the feeds though, but Franco handled it well and taught a simple trick near the end of his livestream.

    Couple other magicians I follow are using this open time to take on some students via Skype.

    While this is unfortunate for many industries entertainers are lucky to have a possible outlet for their skills that other affected peoples like bartenders generally don’t have. Anyways I’m looking forward to more live events popping up.
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  4. I can't wait to do live shows and attend some when the time comes. Hoping Magic Live is good too.
  5. Shows cancelling are tough but definitely a good time to post content. even if its a ACR just post it. People will appreciate it in the current time we are in. Plus online performances have helped get bookings for me as well. Break out your comfort zone a bit.
  6. I am semi-retired from Magic now after about 6 decades of performing. But during this ultra-challenging period, my heart truly goes out to those who primarily or exclusively depend on magic for their support and are seeing shows cancelled, with few prospects on the immediate horizon. Please think positive and faithful thoughts, because this is going to pass.

    In the meantime, I have thought about what I would do right now if performing was still my main meal ticket. I would probably set up a folding table on the street in an area where people are likely to be out and about, and do some nice visual magic - ropes, floating dollar, cups and balls or chop cup, maybe the egg bag, the invisible deck, some mental magic and/or mentalism, etc. -- pieces that don't require people to get too close or touch anything, but that they could enjoy from 6 or more feet away. This has the added advantage that it will bring your Magic, entertainment and people skills to a whole new level.

    People need an escape right now and a lift, something to take their minds off their worries and stresses. Many people will always have a few dollars (sometimes more) to express their appreciation and put into your hat or tip jar. During the Great Depression in the U.S. times were obviously very hard economically, but the entertainers made out pretty well. For the time being, there will be few paid shows where people will be coming to the Magic. But they need some Magic in their lives, and so do we -- so bring it to them!
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  7. Does anyone truly retire from magic? I feel it's in our blood forever haha. I just feel people would be afraid to see magic in this time in public because unfortunately people can believe it spreads infection or they might be getting scammed. Overall I do enjoy live performance over everything. I do enjoy how your lineup of effects that still can be performed without physical audience participation. Like you said it doesn't let them touch anything but they can still contribute. Which I feel is my biggest downfall because I enjoy hands on engagement with the audience. I feel when I was beginning in magic I did rope effects, really need to start doing that again. Professors nightmare and rope through neck were my go to but definitely a skill I need to re acquire. This is an eye opening experience because I was going to quit my job to pursue magic fully, but now I see I need more income from multiple sources. Hoping the best for magician friends, peers, and colleagues.
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  8. Over 20+ shows/events canceled already, filmings postponed, consulting postponed... now it's seeing how long before I am houseless... again

    I have always stayed away from "social-media" but, we'll see...
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  9. I was just wondering about something.
    I’m a real beginner learning the very basics right now (Double Lift, forces, false cuts, etc.) but I know not to post on social media until it’s really good enough.

    Aside from trying to find a local person as a mentor, which isn’t happening now anyway, has anyone ever mentored someone online.

    I think it would be very cool to be able to share things with someone that can give fine feedback and help improve.
  10. Plenty of magicians offer Skype type lessons for a fee. I guess the hard part is just not finding a good teacher but also where to look. I follow a few magicians on Instagram and on occasion a few advertise they have an opening for lessons every now and again. Michael Vincent noted he had spots open a few weeks ago...Pretty sure any of his openings would fill up fast though. Other than that I can only think of a few coin guys offering lessons off the top of my head.

    But if your looking for more of a free hangout to bounce things off of others...I got nothing. Well, you could post an unlisted video on YouTube and post a link here asking people here for feedback. It’s a mixed bag in environments like this though.
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  11. Social media is honestly, the only life-saver now, not only for magic but for everything else. Thank the Gods for the advanced technology we have.

    I'm using this time to practice my sleights specifically, since I often neglect them, and also get down some great cardistry. All in all, I think this lockdown has helped many of us gain a perspective of where we stand individually and also made us realise how little is in our control really. It is a bit funny though how after so much of debate of where social media, camera and magic stands, now it's pretty much the only option for gaining feedback or performing in general.


    Regardless of how much the distance, I don't think either of this is a good idea at all, and more so when you're from the West (and even more so if you're from the USA). o_O

    I know right? Peter Mckinnon and Vinh, both used to be great magicians (and still have the chops, I'm sure) but even though they aren't magicians any more officially, it's evident that magic still forms a big factor in their thought process and ideas. As you said, magic does have this strange (and 'sleightly' annoying ;) ) habit of getting in our blood and hijacking all our minds forever!

    True. This is the fastest that vaccine trials have advanced to human trials directly. Yet, the projected time for the vaccine to be ready is a year or a bit more. As sad as it sounds, summer is our only hope, but with the virus changing strains, we never know :(

    But again, whether happy or sad, time must pass and so do pandemics like this. :)

    On a brighter note, pollution levels are dropping everywhere, dolphins are back in Venice (which had vanished due to the extensive water transport and traffic system there) and have you realised, we're literally living through something that'll fill History books soon?
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  12. What's been said before: If you've already put some work into a sleight and feel it's decent, share it with us on the forums. Many people will be happy to give you a few tips and pointers.

    Apart from people, most wisdom can be found in books. Where are you learning from at the moment?

    Lastly, I know that none of the above will replace a mentor. If you don't know any experienced magician personally, this forum is probably your best shot. Be active here, ask questions, get to know the people. If somebody has posted something you find especially interesting or that shows that you have similar interests, shoot the person a PM; most will be happy to chat a little and give help where they can.
    Read carefully what the more experienced magicians write. Two people whose posts you want to read especially carefully are RealityOne and WithDocIsIn. I seriously wish I'd have started listening to those two earlier.
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  13. Thanks!! Right now I’ve used mostly Ellusionist How to be a Magician DVDs and Card College 1.

    Your answer also brings up another good question.

    For you experienced people, in hindsight, what if anything would you have learned or done differently when you were first starting out? Lessons learned??
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  14. As @JoshL8 and @Scodischarge said, you can upload unlisted videos and post them here for critique. We're a pretty constructive group here on the forums. Also, feel free to start "Conversations" by direct messaging folks. We were all beginners once and we all love to talk about magic.
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  15. 1. Always remember the astonishment you saw in your spectators when you performed something amazingly easy. The level of astonishment doesn't increase if you perform something more difficult.

    2. Perform. Every chance you get.

    3. Don't drink from a fire hose. Start with one source, find what you like in it. Master those effects. Perform those effects. Then, and only then, move on to the next source. It is too easy to seek secrets and methods rather than performance pieces. You want to become a performer rather than a collector of secrets.

    4. Think. Think about what your audience sees. Think about why you like some effects but not others. Think about why you like some magicians and not others. Think about what draws people to you as a person and what draws people to you as a magician. Think about why you perform magic. Think about why performances go well and why they don't go well. Think about how to make your magic better.

  16. I agree with RealityOne, Scodischarge, and JoshL8. Most magicians will help, dig into these forums and find what material you enjoy. Biggest advice I can give you currently is practice always, I'm always in a mirror messing with something old and new. Another is to just aim for 5 tricks and perfect those 5 to the best of your ability. A magician once told me that if you don't need to look down at your hands when performing, you are on the right path. Obviously don't stare at a spectator while performing, he was proving a point but get those 5 tricks down and you're off to an amazing start. Most of all, be you and have fun with it.

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