1. E

    Best Practices for practicing the second deal

    I'm working on a push-off second. What's the best way to practice this. Would you recommend getting a decent handle on the push-off before starting to practice the timing and the take? Or should you try to practice all of these things from the get go. Or maybe start practicing the take as soon...
  2. S

    Trouble With Walking CMR

    To start, I've read Banacheck's Book on CMR, as well as William Larsen's writing on the subject, which, all in all, is phenominally helpful. My experience with CMR is that I perform a lot better with an assortment of objects laid out in front of a spectator and have them focus on one of them. I...
  3. Ryker_47


    Hey, So for various reasons I basically gave up on magic late last year. Before then i was doing well, showing people tricks at parties, constant practice, even had a paid show. But, i had some bad experiences with a well known magician (names not being given, cause I'm holding out hope this can...
  4. MagicofKeelan

    How are you doing?

    Hello everyone. We're in a weird time right now. I've had shows get cancelled but I'd love to go over a few ways we can get over what we are all going through. Obviously some people aren't avid on performing on social media but I feel this is a good time to hop on some apps and give them a...
  5. malek.azar

    Who to show?

    We all know that to be better in magic, we have to practice, practice and practice at home, but we also need to show others our tricks which is essential to becoming better. I always show my friends magic tricks, however, I feel that I am starting to annoy them especially when I started to...

    Success Story: Overcoming Performance Anxiety

    I thought it'd be cool to share a small but significant victory in my journey to become more comfortable performing magic for people. I'm typically a very social outgoing person, but for some reason I'm really insecure about showing my magic to people. I've posted several threads on this topic...

    Advice on building a few sets

    I recently purchased the approach by Jamie Grant and I’m trying to put the tricks that I know/ own into a couple of 3 trick sets. I’m hoping to do some walk around magic while out celebrating for St. Patrick’s day at a big outdoor venue Unfortunately, I just spent the last hour slamming my...

    Learning Magic: Traditionalists vs. Radicals

    I'm a productivity nerd who likes systems, and I'm trying to develop a structured approach to learning magic at an accelerated pace. I know reading this I sound like another impatient kid but hear me out. After reading through a number of threads in this forum there seem to be two competing...
  9. Mind_Over_Magic

    Ambitious Magician in Los Angeles Looking to Meet Other Hungry Magicians to Practice/Work With.

    Hello, my name is Matthew and I live in Los Angeles right near the Magic Castle. I am absolutely engrossed in the world of magic and don't have enough friends or people in general to perform for or practice with. I love sharing what I know, acting as a mentor, and am not looking for anything...
  10. Mind_Over_Magic

    Ambitious Magician in Los Angeles Looking to Meet Other Talented Magicians to Practice/Work With.

    Hello, my name is Matthew and I live in Los Angeles right near the Magic Castle. I am looking to meet other ambitious and talented magicians and mentalists in the area to learn and grow with. Also looking for potential partner for business ventures completely related to magic but only if we are...
  11. Ang

    For the card people: Practice mirrors

    Hello I am currently looking for a good tri-fold practice mirror. Does anyone know where I can purchase one that is under $50?
  12. pbernardo

    The good way to practice?

    Hello people! I am just beginning with card magic, using The Royal Road ... I wonder about the best way in your opinion to progress. For example, I mean, even something as fundamental as the overhand shuffle or false...
  13. CJK

    Messy Flourish

    While practicing the Sybil Cut, halfway through the flourish, the cards fall out and spilling to the floor. Any tips for how to keep the cards intact without any spills?
  14. X

    Could I be practicing too much?

    I `am posting this to get some insight on a particular issue. I `am somewhat new to magic, and i have been practicing my overhand shuffle for almost a month now. I`am learning how to control and retain certain cards by using this shuffle. But i have noticed that when i move the fingers on my...
  15. S

    Practice strolling magic at a wedding!

    Hello! I am looking for any strolling magicians looking to practice their art of magic at a wedding this coming June 2016 in the Los Angeles, Ventura County, or Santa Barbara area. It is for a 200+ guest list and you will be able to hone in your skills with various guests in the bar and all...
  16. H

    hey guys i was just wondering, what are some good ways to practice tonys be kind change?

    hey guys, what are some ways I can practice the be kind change, im trying really hard, but my pinky doesn't have the strength
  17. T

    I have a few beginner question about the “Art of Cardistry ”

    Wassup Everyone? I have a few beginner question about the “Art of Cardistry ” but before I get into that… Brief/History/Past: Back when I was a “sophomore” in highschool I had a friend who sat next to me and would always do magic tricks [back in 1998] [which now I know upon googling it was...
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