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  1. Hey,
    So for various reasons I basically gave up on magic late last year. Before then i was doing well, showing people tricks at parties, constant practice, even had a paid show. But, i had some bad experiences with a well known magician (names not being given, cause I'm holding out hope this can be resolved) where i lost a lot of cash, and as a college student who has to work part time i don't have a lot of money. Whenever i try to do magic now i feel like a failure who got scammed. Its been ruined in my mind, and I'm trying my best to get past that. But, (there's always a but isn't there...) I've had depression since i was 11, and magic was my escape. And now it doesn't feel the same. Basically I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried to relearn to love a hobby after a while and if there's any tips to be had. Should i relearn all the basics or try to pick up where i left off? If anyone has gone through anything similar I'd appreciate some insight.
    Thanks for reading
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  2. Being scammed is not your fault. Human nature is to trust people. What happened to you is the fault of the "well known magician" who chose to scam you.

    With the perspective of someone a bit older, as we all go through life we make a lot of mistakes. Don't judge yourself by your mistakes but instead focus on how you react to the mistakes. The person who scammed you may have taken your money, but don't let them take your joy of magic. You may be limited in what you can do to get your money back, but you have a lot of options to find a way to rediscover your joy of magic.

    Focus on what you enjoyed doing. If it is performing, dust off your favorite effects and get them ready to perform. If it is learning and practicing, find new material to learn and practice. If you are like most of us, there probably is a lot of material you have but haven't learned. If you enjoyed both, do both -- dust off your favorites and perform while practicing new stuff.
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  3. @Ryker47 Don't blame yourself for what happened. If you do, then you are victimized twice - once by that immoral low life who is a disgrace to magic, and once by yourself, who is blameless. This could have happened to any of us, and it is good that you brought it to our attention, so that maybe it will make us extra careful and save us from getting scammed by someone. Don't allow the fact that there are unscrupulous people out there to kill your love and joy for magic. It's a good thing that you felt comfortable sharing this experience with us and asking for advice, as we are here to support you and each other.

    I recommend, you just go slow, relax, and don't put any pressure on yourself as far as a timetable for learning or re-learning. Take like one trick you really like and work on it and have fun with it, and when you feel like it's smooth, show it to someone. Then move on to another - there's no hurry. Magic is to be enjoyed!
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  4. Kudos to you for wanting to start, and wanting to get over that. It takes guts.


    I believe you should start where you left. Because if any of the basic sleights have become rusty in your memory, you'll end up re-learning them anyways (one can't move ten steps in card magic without knowing a decent double lift!).

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the advice, I'm getting back into it, learnt the basics of a sleight i had my eyes on before all this happened. Its slow going but progress is progress. : )
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  6. Thanks, thankfully my double lift didn't get too rusty but my elmsley count suffered horribly lol :D Posting here actually gave me a lot of motivation to get practicing, kinda like accountability in a way. Anyway, thanks for your advice and support
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