David Blaine's Torn and "Matched" Card

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  1. Hi there everyone,

    I'm sure that most people on the forum are familiar with the version of torn and restored that David Blaine has performed on his numerous magic specials. I'm not looking for how to do that.

    I'm interested in knowing where he learned the torn card trick that he performed on The Ellen Show. He gets the spectator to cut the deck in half, gives half the deck to someone to grab one half of a card behind their back, then he gets another person to take a face down half of a card. The two spectators ended up choosing the two halves of one card. EXAMPLE: one person picked one half of the 3D and the other person picked the other half of the 3D)

    Would someone be able to link to where he learned this from, or if the trick has not been officially published but someone knows how it is performed, I would be honoured to know how to do it. (Shoot me a PM)

    Here's a link to his appearance on Ellen, skip to 3:57 for the trick I am referring to.

  2. Binary Code 2 by Rick Lax
  3. Thanks!
  4. I was wondering that myself...thanks dude!
  5. The effect is the same as Binary Code two but the method is different. If you are interested in performing this Rick Lax's trick is great.

    I haven't seen this effect performed with this method before.
  6. Dropping by to say that I have no idea *how* he did it, but that I had the luck to meet with David Blaine a few years back, and he performed this trick with me and my business partner. (As well as the "watch" trick earlier in the Ellen clip.) .

    It was absolutely amazing, and I don't have the slightest clue how it was pulled off. All I know is that I had 'the chills' for hours afterwards...

    I was wise enough to keep the ripped cards, and will someday frame them to memorialize the experience...

  7. Juan Tamariz's Mnemonica with a twist; e.g ripping cards and classic force. Buy the book. It is amazing

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