How is this possible?

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  1. I saw David Blaine live on May 24, and he preformed a trick where he sewed his mouth shut, had a spectator take a card, rip the card, then magically have it teleport into his mouth and it lined up exactly. I have a feeling this came with a force and possibly a careful and practiced rip, but I would think that he didn’t have that much set up.

    Also, later in the show he has a woman pick a handful of puzzle pieces from a jar that was mixed with tons of different pieces, and somehow she narrows it down herself and it fits perfectly into a maps of the US and the piece, which was part of California, fit exactly to where i saw the show, in Hollywood.

    I have some vague ideas about how these tricks were done, but need help with anyone who would be willing to. I am a very curious and thoughtful 14 year old, and can’t seem to smooth down the minute details of these 2 tricks.
  2. First of all, exposure is against the forum rules. Just sayin.

    Secondly, magic relies on the important fact that humans tend to forget or miss the details important to the tricks. So without being able to see the entire trick, it would be difficult to give an answer.

    The first one I have seen though. Seems like a variation of Daniel Madison's "Angle Z" but I'm not sure. It's something similar most likely. Plus, sewing your mouth shut works as great misdirection.
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  3. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic, pages 42 and 357.
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  4. Of course it's in Mark Wilson's haha.
  5. The first one is a mixture between angle z and re4m. And with Blaine's unique performance style of sewing his mouth and etc.
  6. I looked it up David. Pg. 42 teaches you how to sew your hands together, not your lips... :/
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  7. He had his mouth sewn shut?


    Way to go primary-school teachers, your threats just got real...
  8. Technically he sewed his own mouth shut, though he did make Jimmy help I believe.
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  9. I got this book for my 11th birthday which got me into magic. It's been 27 years, I still have this book and I still read it.
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