How to make a signed card appear inside something

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Simon Sloan, Aug 24, 2017.

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  1. Hello everyone! I am a new member to Theory11, but I have been practicing magic for a long time and I am comfortable saying I am somewhere around the level of an intermediate magician.

    After looking at my different forum posts as a guest in the past, I feel like this is the best place to ask my question. I'm sure most of you have seen those tricks where a card vanishes from the deck, and then appears in something like a box, a fruit, or something else. I've looked everywhere on the internet to find tutorials but none exist. I'm looking for a way to learn the trick (hopefully for free), so if any of you can help me, it would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,
  2. Theory11 does not allow any kind of magic exposure. It is unfair to the artists who create the effects and rely on their creations for income to have someone give their work away for free without their permission. It is very unethical and if you are solely education yourself via YouTube you are getting a very watered down magic experience.

    What you are referring to is a transpo. You can find transpos in a lot of magic books or you can just search "transpo" on penguin magic and find some good stuff on there. But yes you will have to pay people for knowledge of their methods.
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  3. I highly doubt your an "intermediate magician" as you say you are if your gonna come on a forum like T11 and ask a question like that...
  4. First rule of learning magic: Don't base your education on YouTube tutorials.

    What you're describing is a category of tricks that is generally called a Transpo. The things you described are taught in many beginner resources, such as Mark Wilson's book.
  5. Everything these guys said,

    It's called a transpo. There are also impossible location effects, But those are a bit different (few use cards, and an impossible location means something has to happen to the object, it disappears and ends up somewhere else. They can be adapted to eachother). There are millions of ways to do a transpo.
  6. Thank you so much. I guess I'm not as intermediate as I thought. I appreciate the help and I will look into a source where I can buy it.
  7. Okay. Are there any specific Transpo tricks that I should look into to start off with?
  8. "Real Man's Wallet" by Steve Draun is a signed card, coin, ect. to wallet transpo.
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  9. I would start of simple. Do you have the Royal Road? There are a few tricks in there that are transpos.
  10. Not yet, but I will look into it. The book is by Jean Hugard, correct?
  11. Yes.

    May I ask how much you have actually studied magic, and from where?
  12. So. After looking closer at everything, I'd probably call myself a beginner magician. I have studied magic from a 1 or 2 old magic books that I can't really remember. I have read volumes 1 and 2 of Card College of Roberto Giobbi, but they mostly handle simple moves, flourishes, and shuffles. And of course I've learned many well known tricks off of youtube. I've been practicing magic since I was young, but wasn't getting the magic experience I will wanted. I'm trying to change that by starting to invest more time, effort, and money in magic, but the problem for me is that I don't know where to start.
  13. Royal Road is a great place to start for card magic.
    Bobo's Modern Coin Magic is great for coins
  14. Okay. Thank you so much for the help!
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  15. If you've read volumes one and two of Card College, I'll bet you a thousand dollars you've already read the techniques used for doing this kind of trick.

    You need to develop a magician's mind, now. Learning to take what you know and apply that knowledge to problem solving what you want to do.
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  16. I have seen some pretty advanced "magicians" give secrets away. I never refer to these people as "magicians" however if I can help it. I say that because while skill may dictate that they are advanced, they are not advanced in the entire concept or mentality of magic (keeping methods secret).

    That being said, I'm personally more inclined to help a budding/beginner magician if I see they are trying to help themselves. Research goes a long way. When I started, I did not have the resources like Theory11, Youtube, etc to learn from. It wasn't always possible to just say "I want to learn how to do THAT trick" and then go look up how it was done. When I started, I started because I wanted to learn how to do card tricks, handle playing cards, etc. As I got better at the basic annoying stuff that you show to your parents (ya know...the "awe that's cute" stuff), I was determined to find books that helped me learn more advanced handling and techniques. As you research, you tend to learn the things you were hoping to learn...eventually, because it's usually included in the vast materials you gather your information from.

    I have found that people spend too much time trying to learn how a certain magician did a specific effect rather than trying to use skills they've learned themselves to duplicate the effect. Putting together your own learned methods often leads to you coming up with very unique ways of doing things and will have people wondering how YOU did the effect.

    I know my reply is long winded, but my hope is to give you a better foundation of how the magic community works and a better foundation to grow as a magician.

    That being said, a basic Transpo should be an easy concept for an intermediate magician...if you sit down and think it out.
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  17. Simon Sloan, First of all I want to congratulate you on your humility after being called out by several knowledgable and experienced members of this Forum. Instead of getting defensive, you honestly re-evaluated your current level in magic. With such a good attitude, I am confident that you will become a skillful and engaging performer as long as you keep at it, and importantly, perform for people as often as possible. (But not until you can do whatever trick you are going to perform smoothly, cleanly and deceptively).

    All of that said, I recommend you purchase the "World's Greatest Magic - Bill in Lemon" DVD from L & L Publishing. Five different excellent and experienced performers each teach their version of the trick. Here's the link:

    It seems you may be on a tight budget, but for $19.95 you can't go wrong. Personally, of all the versions on the DVD, I like Bill Malone's entertaining and mind-blowing version best; he does it with a signed dollar bill (I am pretty sure you could also do it with a signed playing card, as well, and in my opinion, the strongest versions involve having the bill or card signed). Further, in Bill's version (which by itself is worth more that the price of the entire DVD), he does not produce the lemon until right before he is ready to do the revelation (and he does the production of the lemon in a very magical and entertaining way that is not that hard to do). Bill (or card) in Lemon (or orange) is one of the VERY STRONGEST tricks in Magic, and I cannot possibly imagine you getting more bang for your magical buck than investing $20 in this DVD.
  18. PS A bit of a correction to the above post: Malone does the trick with a signed one HUNDRED dollar bill, but a bill of any denomination can be used really
  19. Just use a control, a palm (i prefeer tenkai, its public domain so i think its okay to mention it : P), move it somewhere behind u or in someones pocket (if your sneaky) while distracting them with the deck in the other hand (and maybe eye contact) etc... simple, deadly & effective
  20. Thank you for this kind reply! I feel like it's always important to listen to people who are obviously more knowledgable than you, instead of getting defensive and annoying. With that being said, I will definitely look into the DVD. I have already done way more studying than I have ever done before in magic before (reading books non-stop), and now I do know how to do the impossible location trick and many others, but nonetheless I will consider buying this version of it. Once again, I appreciate your advice very much! Thank you, Simon.
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