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Pre-Loaded Deck? what does this mean?

Jun 26, 2018
Hey everyone, I was looking at a magic trick deck on Kickstarter and it say's that the decks are Pre-Loaded with several tricks ready to perform straight out of the pack? Does this mean it is a stacked deck or? The project also says the decks contain gaff cards and hidden reveal which could be part of what is meant by pre-loaded?. I messaged the project owner but he told me that he cannot expose the secrets to the deck design and that pre-loaded is another term he would rather use to not reveal the secrets to the deck or to card magic. I am backing the project so hoping you could tell me what Pre-Loaded could mean...? Thanks
Sep 10, 2017
It could be marked, stacked, include gaffs, gimmicks,it can have a tutorial link of things that the creator might teach,... There are so many possibilities. The main thing is that it isnt a common term in magic.

P.S. At least it is good that it isnt organic
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