1. D

    (CARD TRICK) Spectators choose the same card from different decks

    Hey everyone! So the other day I was watching David Blaine on Ellen and I really liked the second trick that he does. It's a great effect (I would also like to perform his version someday) and it got me thinking about a trick, where 2 spectators each choose a random card from 2 different decks...
  2. cardistry.exe

    What videos do you want from a cardistry channel? (submit any ideas here)

    Hello there, I just started a YouTube channel and i just wanted to know what other videos than cardistry tutorials cardists want from YouTube channels. On this thread you're able to submit ideas. I will try to realize all suggestions. Thank you very much in advance for the suggestions...
  3. B

    Looking for the cleanest ACAAN ever

    I’m looking for an ACAAN routine that I have seen Chris Ramsey used in this video at - 2:13 I was wondering if it’s a common product and if so where can you buy it from. If you have any other routines similar let me know;)
  4. Kpmagic

    Parallel - 2-card prediction

    Just released an effect that might interest those of you who like acaans with hardly any work. I'm answering questions about it here. I wanted to create something that spectators couldn't possibly explain or even speculate on, and leave them feeling genuinely awestruck...all while being...
  5. A

    Where did he lern that ACAAN?

    Hi Guys, a german youtuber has Uplouded a video about his favorite acaan's and the best one, which he says, he learned it from a book, but i want to know which book it is? here is the video: at 16:00 Thank you for helping!
  6. J

    What is the best ACAAN?

    Can you suggest the best in your opinion ACAAN effect? Currently I'm practicing Ice Cold and its brilliant, but there are some issues with it like the selection of number so I'm not that satisfied.
  7. Antonio Diavolo

    Name of this ACAAN?

    Anyone know the name of the ACAAN Chris does in this video? Some people in the comments say it uses an Aronson/Mnemonica Stack but I'm still curious where I could learn this. It's one of the cleanest I've ever seen. Thanks!
  8. messiamind

    SUPREMO A.C.A.A.N (My Unknow Method)

    no preshow,impromptu,holy grail always 100%. not in sale! thanks for watching.
  9. T

    Has anyone heard of SCAARN? Is it any good?

    Has anyone ever heard of SCAARN? Is it any good?
  10. R

    Thoughtless ACAAN

    Hi everyone... I wrote a book called Thoughtless ACAAN. I want to sell it but I don't know where to go. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. N

    ACAAN test conditions

    Working on building an ACAAN method that is perfect under all test conditions, what are the test conditions for this effect? Also, what's a good place to start to learn effects that would be good here. Nick
  12. C

    Which is the your favorite ACAAN??

    Dani Ortiz's Any card at any number is amazing!!
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