What is the best ACAAN?

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  1. Can you suggest the best in your opinion ACAAN effect? Currently I'm practicing Ice Cold and its brilliant, but there are some issues with it like the selection of number so I'm not that satisfied.
  2. Thats a hard question.

    I would say YAMFACAAN by R. Paul Wilson would be one of my favourites.

    I have a few that revolve around the idea of a gimmicked deck that are very nice as well but I prefer using a standard deck of cards wherever possible.


    EDIT: I should probably add that I haven't learnt Ice Cold and it looks impressive from the outside.
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  3. Tell us what you want in an acaan. I like Asi Wind's, but it takes a while to learn. Position Impossible looks interesting for a gimmicked version, though I don't own it. Tell us what is most important to you in a version and what skill level you want and we can point you in the right direction. Every version has 'issues'.
  4. I would say I'm still a beginner shifting into intermediate level. And what I want is spectators can deals the cards and they can deal it face up.
  5. Ice Cold uses a non gimmicked deck. It has a little set up of course, but you can create your own setup.
  6. I also should have made that clearer, I know it uses a standard deck with a little set up. At least my intuition tells me how it's done ;)

  7. if you want spectator to deal the cards upward i would suggest spell by shin lim:) . although i dont own it but it looks so cool an it has a slight setup .yeah your true ice cold has a lot of issues:(. spell is available in marketplace for about 4 dollars. i hope it was helpful:)
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  8. I
    I will check it out! Thanks!
  9. That's the hardest thing to get. I'm not familiar with the shin lim version mentioned above, let us know how it goes.

    As a long term project I'd recommend checking out Mnemonica, Simply Simon or Temporarily Out of Order to learn the necessary background for some of the more complex ACAANs. For now check out the others suggested above and see what works for you.
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  10. saw this on youtube. thought it looked really good. thoughts? also what about the one that Chris Ramsay usually does in his street vids, the one where the spectator deals down face up into another spectators hand?
  11. Yup! Shawn performed this for me at the castle last year. It I great!
  12. There are many many versions out there, I just read a new one today. It used a marked deck among other things and somehow implied that the spectator won't notice that you picked up the cards to cut the deck immediately before they count the cards. I'm sure he can make it work, but there are ones I've liked better.

    If you want to use a thought of card you'll generally need the more complex versions I referenced above to let the spectator count. Using a selected card offers more options and is a good choice, but can be more 'pick a card, find a card' if they think about it too much. Many versions use the move from the trick you said you were working on, which requires you to deal the cards yourself. Though I do think that basic method is a good one.

    Let us know what you try and what kind of (A)CAAN you decide on.
  13. The Shawn Farquhar Version looks really good!
  14. I perform the version that has the half pass.. I love it.. you can also replace the rest of the cards with blanks so that ACAAN is the only card among blank cards
  15. Dani DaOrtiz has a powerful one roughly 110m into his first LIVE lecture on Penguin that for me just looks fantastic. It has a very 'Lennart Green' style to it as Dani states he was one of his teachers. No gimmicks, no setup. Also, for the price of the lecture your getting a HUGE amount of material along with just a very workable ACAAN.
  16. IT's always hard to say what is the "best," when it comes to both tricks and ice cream. It is a subjective question. I can tell you what works for me;

    Using a S _ E _ G _ L _ Deck, f _ r_ e the card on spectator number 1. I use a dribble from above into my other hand, and ask them to say stop.

    Carefully thumb over the card face down card on top of the cards you have dribbled, and have the spectators memorize it. Place the remaining cards back on top of the selection, then do a face-up overhand shuffle.

    Have spectator number 2 name any number between 1 and 40. If they pick an odd number, count and take out the card that is at that number and place it face down on table or in spectator's hand. Casually put the rest of the cards in the box and put the box in your pocket. (You can have another matching deck in that pocket minus the f _ r _ e card just in case they ask to examine deck later). Have spectator number 1 name his card; it will be the correct card. If, however, they pick an even number, then use/take out of the deck the very next card and put it on table or spectator's hand; it will be correct.
  17. I probably should have mentioned in my prior post that at the beginning, I riffle the cards towards the spectators in the usual manner so they can see they are all different. I do not say, "Look, the cards are all different." Instead, as I am riffling the cards toward them, I say, "In a moment, we are going to have one of these cards selected at random." This is a more subtle way of convincing them that the cards are all different that will not raise suspicion. Later, when the face up overhand shuffle is done, that is another convincer. Also, it still keeps the cards just as you need them and it never flashes their "selection."
  18. Patrick Redford's "Applesauce" is by far, my absolute favorite. The spectators can shuffle the deck before anything is done.
  19. Yeah. I have it. It's one of my favorite too. But I want a hands off ACAAN

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