Weirdest/funniest questions you've been asked while performing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Antonio Diavolo, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. I get a lot of ridiculous questions when performing and thought it would be interesting to share mine/hear everyone else's.

    So here are a few of the strangest questions I've been asked:

    "Does it have to be a blue deck? Because you're wearing a blue shirt too and that's kind of suspicious..."

    "Would you say you know like every magic trick?"

    "Have you met Houdini?"

    "Is Now You See Me based on a true story?"

    "Have you seen that oriental magician?" (I think this was in reference to Shin Lim or Will Tsai. They didn't elaborate beyond this.)

    *After doing a trick using the toxic principle using their phone* "but can you do it with MY phone?"

    "So what happens if you break the magician rule? Do you like have to quit or something?"

    "How did they do
    *Insert impossible trick done with CGI* in Now You See Me?"

    "Can you like slit someone's throat with a card?"

    And that's all I can remember right now. I'll add more if I remember but I'm more interested in hearing the weird questions/comments you've received while performing.
  2. "Can you make my wife disappear?"

    "Have you seen that guy, umm - - David Blaine?"

    "Can you do a trick with THIS?" (*Always asked by some little kid who has grabbed whatever object happens to be close at hand)
  3. "Did you have to go to a special school for magic?"
    - There's an obvious answer to this question :p

    "Does that trick have to be done with cards?"
    -It was an ambitious card routine. This lass was a tad tipsy, to say the least.

    "Can you tell me the next winning lotto numbers?"
    -Would I be here right now if I could?
  4. I always find it funny when someone asks "Have you heard of..." and follows it up with a very well known magician like David Blaine or Penn & Teller.
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  5. Once someone asked me "Have you heard of that guy on AGT/BGT/(Can't remember the GT) that did the thing?".

    I gave a name
    I gave the performance

    He was legit on T.V. like 5 minutes ago :D
  6. “Can I have your number?” (From both ladies and gents)

    “Can you do that without clothes on?”

    “Can you make my wife/husband/fat/debt disappear?”

    “Can you do that again but this time use real magic?”
  7. People always think they're so clever with jokes like
    "Can you make my wife/husband/friend disappear?"
    "Can you turn my money into $100s
    I’ve gotten the “can you do it naked” before lol
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  8. One time, when they asked me the "Can you do it naked" question, it resulted in me doing the most spectacular escape of my career...

    ...from county jail.
  9. I was showing my friend the Svengali deck trick where all the cards become the seven of spades, and then back to normal. He was astounded, then lost in thought and finally asked THAT question.

    "Can I look at the deck?"

    I responded as such.


    We both got a good laugh out of that and it's honestly one of my favorite magic memories.♤
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  10. This isn't a question but it is still silly.

    People have said to me I know what you are doing but I don't know how you do it.
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  11. That makes sense to me - "I know you moved the coin from that hand to this one, but I don't know how you did it." That kind of thing - it means they see it as a puzzle to figure out.
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  12. Q: Can you saw someone in half.


    1. Sawing in half is the easy part, putting them back together is the hard part.

    2. I used to perform that with my half-sister.

    3. I can't use chain saws... it would violate the conditions of my parole.
  13. @RealityOne, those are clever answers LOL! BTW, I thought you had finished up your parole?

    How bout this one: "Yes, I once sawed a lady in half - Now she lives in L.A. and Chicago."
  14. OMG, I woke up in the middle of the night and started worrying about my previous post in which I mentioned parole. I assumed that everyone would realize I was joking, but if there is even one person out there who took it seriously, I want to apologize and set the record straight. It was (or was at least meant to be) a joke!!!
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  15. I think it was obvious that both of our posts were jokes.

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