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  1. Is there a deck tht exsists where all the cards are blank except one pip on all the cards and if so do you no the name

  2. I have seen individual cards that are like that in gaff decks (maybe the four aces) but I haven't seen a full deck like that.

    Is this something you have seen or remember or something that you think would be great to use in an effect but have never seen or heard of?
  3. I have an idea, however it might reveal a trick that costs 75 dollars. Pm if you need to know. Any moderator that reads this, if you want to PM me and deem it allowed that would be great! I'm not sure what I'm allowed to tell.
  4. There exists a deck where only half the face of the cards are printed and the other half is blank (it is most likely what Dtop is referencing), but I haven't seen a deck with only the pip printed.

    If you have a lot of acetone and a lot of time, you could try making your own by just erasing all the ink off of the playing cards minus the pip or split an entire deck of cards for the pip and glue it onto a blank deck if you want.
  5. I've only seen gaffs of that kind, but you can always create a custom deck yourself!

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