Magic Books translated in French

Apr 6, 2016
I have a little cousin in France who recently got into magic but he lives about 4-6 hours away from the nearest magic store (in Paris) so his resources are limited. He doesn’t know any English, and I’ve got a lot of good books he can use but they’re in English. Any way I can find some of these in French or find French equivalents if these that I can send over to him?
Mark Wilson’s complete course in Magic
The royal road to card magic
Karl Fulves books
Close up card Magic by Harry Lorayne
Please help!!


Aug 20, 2010
Only book that I know of that you listed that has been translated to French is Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. But the only copies I can find are too expensive.

Your best bet would be to contact a French Magic Shop and ask them what French books they would recommend.

Try contacting Magic Dream at
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