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  1. Y

    Cellphone inside ball of yarn?

    Hey y’all so recently Damien was on bgt and did the cellphone inside ball of yarn routine. Damien: Dan White: and it reminded me that Dan White did a similar effect on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and I was just wondering if someone could reference a book or DVD for the same effect?
  2. T

    I'm going to buy some magic books but need opinions.

    Gonna buy some magic books but I need some help because some might be a bit advanced. mostly card magic and mentalism but I'm open to other sorts.
  3. A

    Next Card College Volume?

    Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I’ve spent a long time slowly working Royal Road and admittedly a good amount of YouTube tutorials. I want to continue into Card College so that I can start learning more sleights the proper way. Would it be bad to start on Volume 2 instead of Volume...
  4. pit820

    How can I get the most from magic books?

    TL;DR I want to get the most from magic books as I think I'm going about using them wrong and I'm not finding them very helpful. So I've been doing magic for a few years now and I like to think myself as reasonably experienced. When I work I do close up, mainly with cards. And I've dabbled...
  5. Moorethanmagic

    New Magic Book: In Progress

    So I'm actually writing a new magic book filled with coin tricks along with card tricks all based around slight of hand! I was wondering if their was even a market anymore for something like this or if I'm just wasting time and money since I'll be self-publishing the book. It's not cheap to self...
  6. Karo-K54

    Card Control Worth it (for me)?

    So I've got EATCT, ECT, RRTCM, The Complete Walton, the Card Manipulation series (being in the public domain) and Meir Yedid's Incredible Close Up Magic. I have a pretty great foundation on magic. I know several good card controls, from shuffle controls to shifts and steals; I can palm okay: I...
  7. imayur

    Rubik's Cube Magic

    Your suggestions are welcome for Rubik’s cube magic !!!
  8. M

    Magic Books translated in French

    I have a little cousin in France who recently got into magic but he lives about 4-6 hours away from the nearest magic store (in Paris) so his resources are limited. He doesn’t know any English, and I’ve got a lot of good books he can use but they’re in English. Any way I can find some of these...
  9. M

    Looking for a Magician near La Roche-sur-Yon

    My little cousin in France started learning some magic and wants to learn more, but his parents don’t know anyone or anywhere to go to get him more advanced materials. I’m teaching him what I can while I’m here, but if anyone knows a magician who can guide him more or knows a store near La...
  10. Karo-K54

    Incredible Close Up Magic

    How useful would this book be to me as a card magician? I've taken an interest in Compucard, but I have no idea how the trick actually looks. I know the moves used (Meir Mix, the Card Sorter, Slingshot Snapout). It seems as if the moves used here aren't exclusive, and could be replaced with...

    Learning Magic: Traditionalists vs. Radicals

    I'm a productivity nerd who likes systems, and I'm trying to develop a structured approach to learning magic at an accelerated pace. I know reading this I sound like another impatient kid but hear me out. After reading through a number of threads in this forum there seem to be two competing...
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