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  1. So I'm actually writing a new magic book filled with coin tricks along with card tricks all based around slight of hand! I was wondering if their was even a market anymore for something like this or if I'm just wasting time and money since I'll be self-publishing the book. It's not cheap to self publish and I will be selling somewhere online. So there will possibly be a seller's fee. It'll have tons of coin tricks mainly because I'm a coin magician. It will contain a few of my personal tricks along with things like concealments (basically palms for people just getting into magic) vanishes, gimmicked coin routines and for cards basically the same thing implemented in to card magic. I'm excited to finish this and get it going but I'm not even sure it would sell?
  2. Sure there is a market for such books. Whether or not you can make money off such ventures depends on what you offer into the conversation really. That is are there new tricks and or improved variations of older tricks in the book, and is the writing and pictures/drawing done well enough to convey the ideas.

    There are plenty of decent books out there for a variety of prices; 30-60ish isn't uncommon a price for a book from well established magicians but the price ranges really vary. Some pamphlet style books can be found for near 5 bucks (Reed McClintocks "knuckle busters") while other books go into the hundreds.

    Plenty of new magic books are released pretty often. For instance a couple of popular new books are from Harapn Ong released Principia and Juan Tamariz released The Magic Rainbow.
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  3. Is there a market for magic books?

    Yes - I've got well over two hundred and my library is fairly small, comparatively. Many of those books were published within the last few years.

    Is there a market for your book?

    I have pretty strong doubts, for a variety of reasons. What kind of research have you done to insure what you plan to publish is original? What are you adding to the magic world by publishing a book or are you just trying to establish your name/make some money?

    Lulu allows one to publish a book for .. nothing. You have to spend the time to write it and format it and all, but they only charge when the book is purchased. So... I strongly suggest you do more research before you try to publish.
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  4. I have done a little research and I'm giving credit where credit is deserved and I am adding a few variations of some tricks and I will check out Lulu thanks for the suggestion!!
  5. Yes like I told the other guy on this forum thread I have given credit where it's needed and I've added variations on some tricks and added some of my own and am still writing so it will be pretty jam packed!

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