Card Control Worth it (for me)?

Jan 31, 2018
So I've got EATCT, ECT, RRTCM, The Complete Walton, the Card Manipulation series (being in the public domain) and Meir Yedid's Incredible Close Up Magic. I have a pretty great foundation on magic. I know several good card controls, from shuffle controls to shifts and steals; I can palm okay: I do Joe Berg's multiple palm, the classic top palm, the one-handed palm, and I'm working on the diagonal palm shift (I think I've got it, but it seems too fumble-y for my taste to do in a real world environment); I still don't get the classic force, but I know enough forces to compensate for that; I know false counts from the Elmsley to the Salsa count. Basically, I'm okay in the sleights category.
Yet I've heard that 'Card Control' by Arthur H. Buckley has some assorted and eclectic moves that can help in the long run. And how are the tricks? I'm looking more for tricks than moves now. New concepts, rather than the physical move, much like shiNAG by Shin Lim.
Jan 31, 2018
So do you think that I should go for it? Or do you think that I should rather invest in something else?

P.S. As a side note, I've been hearing some people talking about the "Card Trick Addiction/Poisoning", who talk rather derogatorily regarding what they call plastic coated paste boards, saying that one should expand their horizons. Contrariwise, I know about a few magicians who are doing that have neveror on a very small scalegone beyond playing cards. What do you think? I'd thought about coins a while back, but they never really, clicked with me. I mean, it's all, vanish, teleport, appear, change etc, never going beyond that. Come to think of it, cards are the same, but they feel different. I enjoy watching them, no doubt, several of the best tricks are done with coins, but not learning the craft. Others are too much of an investment in money for me, or there's only a few tricks you could do with them. Should I turn to a new craft, or get better with cards?
Aug 6, 2017
I only do cards as well. I am not doing magic for a profession and don't do shows but I do think if you start to do magic for money you should learn more than just cards. Even if it is only 1 money trick and a sponge ball trick. As for the book I don't have it so I wouldn't know about it.


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Sep 13, 2008
I have not thoroughly studied Card Control. However, like any book, what you get out of it will probably be directly proportional to what you put into studying it and applying the concepts.

How long have you been studying/performing magic? To have thoroughly studied the books you listed would take, at a rough estimate, 6 to 8 years.

While I don't think it's necessary to learn more than card magic, knowing only card magic will limit your options in regards to performances, paid or otherwise.

There are people who do nothing but cards. Some of them do pretty well that way. There's many rooms in the house of magic, enough for everyone (Eugene Burger).

Personally I did nothing but cards for about 2 years, and was focused almost entirely on them with only a few other tricks mixed in for another 6-8 months or so. But over time my interests have shifted and now I don't do any card tricks in my professional work. Your art should be based around what you are interested in and/or passionate about. If you find satisfaction through card magic, have at thee. If nothing else ever strikes your fancy, don't worry about it. But I do advise taking a peek around at other genres - just in case something you hadn't thought of before becomes appealing.
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