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  1. R

    "Double Lift" variant

    So I was messing around with my cards, and I don't know if I've seen this before or if it goes by a different name since it might not technically be a double-lift, but it seems like it could be used the same way double-lifts would be. The move would be the desired card on the bottom, and using...
  2. T

    Help Controlling Two Cards

    Hey! I've been practicing magic for about three or four weeks now, and I've come up with a bit of a trick that I'd like to refine. I get the spectator to pick two cards (or two to pick one each) and then I control one to the top and one to the bottom, then huzzah, magic happens. The problem I'm...
  3. J

    Where to learn the Paradigm Shift (Simon Black Card Control?)

    Hi All! I was hoping to learn the Paradigm Shift Card Control by Simon Black, but it was taken down from Lost Art Magic for some reason, and I can seem to find anywhere else where I can purcahse and download. Anyone have a solid lead? Thanks! -JL
  4. CardMagicNJ

    Card Handling Advice Please

    Hey guys what's up I'm assuming this is probably happened to most of you. A lot of times I notice that my hands and fingertips are so smooth that the cards just slip right through them and I have no sort of grip on any of the cards and I'm not talking about brand new cards just certain times...
  5. Avendsin

    presentation anxiety, audience management, and an outrageous card control! (Magic bundle:P)

    * A few days ago I came across a post here in this very forum about presentation anxiety. I kept reading through every reply and wrote my own and then thought it is something that many can relate to and almost every deals with at some point or another. So I decided make my next video on this...
  6. Karo-K54

    Card Control Worth it (for me)?

    So I've got EATCT, ECT, RRTCM, The Complete Walton, the Card Manipulation series (being in the public domain) and Meir Yedid's Incredible Close Up Magic. I have a pretty great foundation on magic. I know several good card controls, from shuffle controls to shifts and steals; I can palm okay: I...
  7. Antonio Diavolo

    Ideas to change up my ACR?

    Hiya! As weird as it is, I've never really done an ACR as I felt like it was too overused. That is until recently when I tested one out on someone using a few basic sleights I already knew. He freaked out and now I've started trying to expand the trick with more controls and whatnot. This is my...
  8. K

    How to quickly uncrimp cards?

    So whenever I start using the decks a lot it naturally will create some crimps here and there, which is confusing whenever I want to use the crimp as a card control. So is there a quick way to uncrimp the cards so that after uncrimping the next crimp I do is the only one remaining? thx
  9. M

    Sleight misconception?

    Hi everyone, I think I'm at a odd point in pursuing magic. I rely on sleights to perform all my effects. I don't know of any other moves that would be useful or something. I'm currently looking into gamblers sleights. I'm looking for a sleight to control a known card from top to second without...
  10. Card.Carter

    Card Control Question

    Is there a way to control a card (say freely chosen from the middle of the deck) to "x" position from the bottom or top of the deck? (2nd from bottom, 3rd, 4th etc.) I've done some research, but I can't seem to find what I am looking for.
  11. L

    Card control I created yesterday

    Hello, I discovered a nice control yesterday, do you know if it has a name already ? Thanks
  12. N

    ACAAN test conditions

    Working on building an ACAAN method that is perfect under all test conditions, what are the test conditions for this effect? Also, what's a good place to start to learn effects that would be good here. Nick
  13. C

    Is this original???

    VIDEO - Hey, Im 14 and invented this card control few months ago when I was playing with cards.... It definitely needs improvement but is this already out there??? (I had nobody to take the video for me so I had to hang it and take a top view)..... Thanks Ok so this is what happens 1)...
  14. C

    How do invisibly control bottom card to top???

    Any of u aware of a move to invisibly control bottom card to top without spectators noticing it at all. I want to learn it!!(The order of other cards does'nt matter) PLEASE HELP............
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