Incredible Close Up Magic

Jan 31, 2018
How useful would this book be to me as a card magician?
I've taken an interest in Compucard, but I have no idea how the trick actually looks. I know the moves used (Meir Mix, the Card Sorter, Slingshot Snapout). It seems as if the moves used here aren't exclusive, and could be replaced with moves like a control and a sybil and the top shot, but I really have no idea since I have no idea what the trick looks like. I have no intention to know how the trick is done without purchasing the book, but I wish to know what it looks like.
What are the other card tricks in the book? Is the "Birds of a Feather" trick the same one as in RRTCM?
My main intention is to learn new (useful) sleights and effects. It doesn't matter if the tricks are bad if the effect and sleights are novel, so that I can develop my own personalised trick.
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