Does anyone know what the best impromptu card trick is

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Cemtrix, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. i have been doing a lot of impromptu card magic recently and some of it is ok, unfortunately i have not yet come by something truly fooling enough to perform, please let me know if someone has a amazing impromptu card trick they would be willing to show me how to do or send me a link to learn it thanks!
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  2. "Best" is a term that doesn't really apply here.

    What I do well and what you do well could be very different things.

    "Best" will always end up being the trick that you put the most work into performing well.
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  3. Can you tell us what tricks you currently perform or know? Knowing your current situation better can help with some suggestions from the masses.

    In line with what Christopher said above, maybe all you need is some more work in on those tricks you already know in order to elevate them in entertainment and fooling capabilities. I don’t know how many card tricks I learned over the years, but I always went back to a only a few of my favorites and they look different now from when I first started performing them.

    But just to give you a suggestion...Paul Harris has plenty of great stuff in his Art of Astonishment series. One of my favorite card tricks from that collection is Reset, there are plenty of variations of this trick out there.
  4. thanks for all the replies @WitchDocIsIn and @JoshL8 best was not the right word for it what i meant is that i was looking for was something quick with no explination or idea of how it could have happened maybe something with a twist like instead of having the card be exactly where you thought it was it could be in your pocket or something just an idea. I do not know the names of many of the tricks i know because they are usually just from youtube and dont have actual names or i just cant remember the names of them. I am around intermediate level now but am trying to learn something a bit more advanced just for reference. Thanks and let me know if you need more information.
  5. it also depends on what you mean by "impromptu"... do you mean it is "impromptu" for you or seemingly "impromptu" for the person/people you are performing it for
  6. all i mean is an ordinary deck
  7. sure but is your "ordinary deck" prepared in a stack, or memorized, or set-up for a certain routine? do you have something like an Index on you etc

    Impromptu can mean different things from a performers perspective and from the perspective of an audience
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  8. @Pistry thanks and @Liderc dude just a no set up deck of cards i can do a trick with, someone hands me a deck of cards and i show them a trick

  9. I understand, just asking because when Magicians say "Impromptu" it can mean something different from an audience's perspective
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  10. Two card Monte...?

  11. I have heard people dismiss it, but it always gets strong reactions from me, and when you do the Blaine addition of the "name a number" it can really hit
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  12. Also, Paul Cummins had FASDIU I and II you can maybe find some ideas in
  13. I mean, this may be the obvious answer, but a good Ambitious Card routine is impromptu and always gets crazy reactions from my friends/spectators.

    Also, without revealing method, there is a really great self-working-ish card trIck that Shin Lim did on one of those shows that I use impromptu that gets the craziest reactions. It’s one where you need 3 spectators sitting at a table, they each get a pile, and after shuffling and throwing out cards, the top card on each of their piles produces a 4 of a kind of the selected card. Hopefully you can get to it from that description.
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  14. This is always an amusing discussion because there are a majority of Magicians that will dismiss The Ambitious Card, but we are looking at it through our eyes, we know the moves, we know the outcome, but to an audience, imagine the first time seeing a card get pushed into the deck and with no "movements" it comes back to the top... using that as a base the presentation can be limitless, the moves, the handlings, etc.

    we may think of it as rather "simple" once we get more advanced routines/moves, but the astonishment is in the simplicity of the concept, at its base a card goes in the middle, we magically make it appear at the top... for an audience, it is not convoluted with shuffles and moves and "direction" and instruction
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  15. I just started recently on the Royal Road to Card magic. But a powerful trick using a glide sleight called Design for laughter. It is simple but fooling and everyone gets a good laugh. It is a good ice breaker. Also Chris Ramsay has a simple yet good looking card vanish anyone can do.
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  16. Whoever dismisses it is doing their audience a disservice (according to me)!

    But maybe the reason is that unless customised and dressed up, the two card monte gives off strong "merely fast hands" vibes when its barebone.
  17. Depends on how you present it, which, I guess could be said about any "Effect"... the presentations could lead it any direction, but at it's "base" it is not a complex effect, few "moves" and it has a strong "reveal" done "in their hand"

    I think we can talk about it like the Ambitious Card, it is a "Basic effect" to Magicians, we have seen it, no "hard moves" it seems "easy" ... but to a spectator, I have done this to the biggest skeptic and their mind will melt with this, and I think it is because it is "basic" and that eliminates "moves" and ways a magician can "cheat" there is not a lot of "instructions" and "direction" the people have to remember or focus on
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  18. Most great beginner card magic books contain a huge amount of impromptu work. If you haven't yet, buy Royal Road to Card Magic and study the effects in there. My personal favorite in this book is Gray's Spelling Trick

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