1. The 4th Musketeer

    Books Recommendation

    Give me some advanced, imprumpto, gimmickless, card magic books! Thanks guys in advance❤️
  2. Antonio Diavolo

    What are your favorite "Organic" tricks?

    Hey everyone! If you're like me, you've become annoyed by use of the word "organic" in magic marketing. It seems to get attached to basically any magic product these days and thus for many people it has lost any meaning it once had. I still have my own definition of what I'd consider to be...
  3. GavHern

    Good impromptu ring magic?

    I've been performing Reflex by Patrick Kun for a bit and I really like the idea of having ring magic readily available as I often wear my ring. I own Odyssey by Calen and I think it's amazing, but I don't always have the gimmick on hand, which is a bit unfortunate. The other ones I'm aware of...
  4. MakotoMagic

    Working Coin Through Table Sequence

    Hi all, I recently released my "Coins Through Table Tool Belt" on the Marketplace, which teaches coins across and coins through table methods. Someone privately contacted me about which order to apply the methods in it, so I directed them to a live performance of the coins through table...
  5. C

    Does anyone know what the best impromptu card trick is

    i have been doing a lot of impromptu card magic recently and some of it is ok, unfortunately i have not yet come by something truly fooling enough to perform, please let me know if someone has a amazing impromptu card trick they would be willing to show me how to do or send me a link to learn it...
  6. debjit

    Favorite Impromptu Trick

    What are your favorite impromptu tricks? Mine is Stigmata and Recap ;)
  7. D

    New Card Trick

    I think I just created a new 2 card transposition and I want to submit it, but some of the moves involved are from other magicians, should I reach out to them and ask if I can submit this trick or not. One of the moves came from Luke Dancy and the other move in the routine was by Justin Miller...
  8. Jimcurtin

    My first release called "sanare" is up!

    Hey everyone, I just released my first product in the marketplace. It's completely impromptu and easy to learn. I'm hoping everyone will enjoy it. You can get to it here I look forward to feedback!
  9. Vazz

    Would you buy this Effect?

    Hello, I recently came up with a effect and this is how it goes. It is a coin vanish. So your holding the coin in your dominant hand, and place the coin in the other hand with your pointer finger. As soon as your pointer finger stops touching the coin. The coin vanishes instantly. Very little/no...
  10. R

    What are your favorite impromptu, gimmickless card tricks?

    Hey! I have been doing street magic for about ten months now, and have a good repertoire of tricks to perform for people. Like any magician, however, I am again eager to learn some new stuff, but specifically impromptu card tricks I can perform with just a normal deck of cards- no gimmicks or...
  11. PopNFresh HDZ

    My effect, Phantom Frog

    Completely impromptu, angleproof, no gimmicks, duplicates, just sleigh of hand. Let me know what you think,(yes, my references are cited):
  12. PopNFresh HDZ

    Check Out my effect: Xenon Kings

    I know the plot isn't original, however my method is completely impromptu, no duplicates, gimmicks, or anything. This can be done with a deck borrowed and shuffled from the spectator. Let me know what you guys think, if it fools you,(yes, even if only the first time), let me know. Thanks!
  13. A

    Ring Routine

    Very often I have this situation that someone asks me "show something, please". I can't do anything expect of some coins tricks. I thought to make a ring routine which will be using only ordinary ring always brought with me. I was performing couple times but never with reaction which I want. My...
  14. A

    Show Me A Trick

    I like to just play with cards when I'm bored or just because. Many times I do this people come up to me (or the people sitting near me) tell me to show them a trick. Should I have a go-to trick to perform or should I just pick one out of many? Also for the latter, any tips or tricks to be able...
  15. T


    Does anyone have any good center tear recommendations? I've read about a couple but almost always get caught. Will someone link me to a place to learn one that works for you.
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