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  1. Very often I have this situation that someone asks me "show something, please". I can't do anything expect of some coins tricks. I thought to make a ring routine which will be using only ordinary ring always brought with me. I was performing couple times but never with reaction which I want. My routine don't have KILLER. Trick which end performance and leaves audience with astonishment on face. I'm asking more experienced magicians, maybe you have nice ring routine. Tell me how you end it :D
    (sorry for my english)
  2. Just to name a few:
    -Ring Thing by Garrett Thomas
    -Circuit by Zach Heath
    -DeRing by Devo (more like ring mani than magic but still cool!)
  3. In my routine there is Ring Thing, to Circuit I must have thin ring. I'm looking for a trick that ends a routine, that is an killer :D
  4. i think its called "ember?" don't remember by who. The ring changes color at the end.

    or "bandwidth". You stretch the ring out.

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