1. GavHern

    Good impromptu ring magic?

    I've been performing Reflex by Patrick Kun for a bit and I really like the idea of having ring magic readily available as I often wear my ring. I own Odyssey by Calen and I think it's amazing, but I don't always have the gimmick on hand, which is a bit unfortunate. The other ones I'm aware of...
  2. //Hyperbölic

    Ring Magic

    I've been scouring the internet in search of a ring trick in which a magician clearly and fairly holds a ring between 2 fingers and slams it onto their finger while there palm is facing up. If anyone can point me to something like this that would be much appreciated as I am currently working to...
  3. L

    Ring Magic

    can anyone suggest some powerful ring magic and where to find it?
  4. Jimcurtin

    My first release called "sanare" is up!

    Hey everyone, I just released my first product in the marketplace. It's completely impromptu and easy to learn. I'm hoping everyone will enjoy it. You can get to it here https://www.theory11.com/marketplace/james-curtin/sanare I look forward to feedback!
  5. pbernardo

    Getting started with coins and rings

    Hello community: I am new learning magic. Have learning and practicing with cards, but to keep it fun and try different things I have been adviced to also learn some coins and rings magic. The thing is I have no idea where to get started. I don't mean by some gimmicks but learn the basics...
  6. E

    Ring and Rubber Band Magic Versus Card and Coin Magic

    Hi Guys, I'm new to magic and was just wondering a few things in regards to how magic like ring magic and rubber band magic compare to card magic and coin magic (which seem to me to be more "established" and popular): 1. Is it generally advised to learn card magic and coin magic BEFORE...
  7. Y

    custom made magician magnetic ring

    Hi I am looking for a custome made magnetic magician rings (which i can do coin tricks etc with), i want to make a custome one, color,size,etc, does anynoe know were is that possible to order a custome one? thanks.
  8. AnthonyL

    Can anyone else do this?

    I'm just wondering if I'm the only person able to do these ring catches. The first one is "Ring Throw" by Oliver Smith off the wire, but I've only seen a couple people even do that, let alone the more difficult throws I do.
  9. A

    Ring Routine

    Very often I have this situation that someone asks me "show something, please". I can't do anything expect of some coins tricks. I thought to make a ring routine which will be using only ordinary ring always brought with me. I was performing couple times but never with reaction which I want. My...
  10. Peeppo

    Ring into sealed pack

    Hi guys! Many times I have seen a trick when the spectator's ring disappears (afetr light of a flash paper) and then it appears in 10-times packed and sealed box. The spectator opened the box and he confirmed, that the ring belongs to him. I saw it more times, but I have never found it like...
  11. A

    Topit and Gecko :D

    Hi, I'm from Poland. I wanted to do Tommy Wonder's "Ring, watch and money trick" but to do this I need a topit. I'm thinking to buy a topit on Ebay because In Poland it's unavilable. Only barrier for me is high cost of shipping. I'm a student so I don't have a lot of money. My first question is...
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