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  1. can anyone suggest some powerful ring magic and where to find it?
  2. Divorce by Justin millar
    Odyssey by Calendar Morelli
    Peter McKinnon has some good ring stuff on lock stock and riot.

    Or see if you can take other routines and work rings into them, like coin magic routines with rings.
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  3. Odyssey, reflex, divorce, rope and ring, 75% of coin routines.

    1.) T11
    2.) T11
    3.) Ellusionist
    4.) Penguin
    5.) Coin routine books and DVDs
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    Just talked to someone who recently purchased “The Halo Project” by Patrick Kun. Seems interesting. Maybe he can chime in on the subject?
  5. Sorry - I think your tag got auto-corrected there. I do not have the Halo Project.
  6. It may have, hmmm haha no worries I’ll see about figuring out which Christopher it was haha

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