Ring into sealed pack

Dec 19, 2015
Hi guys!

Many times I have seen a trick when the spectator's ring disappears (afetr light of a flash paper) and then it appears in 10-times packed and sealed box. The spectator opened the box and he confirmed, that the ring belongs to him. I saw it more times, but I have never found it like trick for sell. Any suggestions of how it is possible?


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Aug 31, 2007
There are a lot of ways to accomplish this really. Nesting boxes or a lippencot box would help. Bobo's modern coin magic has a beautiful piece in it where a ring vanishes and appears inside a match box, wrapped in a ball of yarn, which has been sitting in a wine glass and covered by a silk the entire time - Just wonderful (and easy!). Richard Sanders also has a ring to impossible location (not a box)
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