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Should have a go-to trick or no?

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  1. I like to just play with cards when I'm bored or just because. Many times I do this people come up to me (or the people sitting near me) tell me to show them a trick. Should I have a go-to trick to perform or should I just pick one out of many? Also for the latter, any tips or tricks to be able to pick one out of many tricks (in general)?
  2. I like doing any of the variations of two card monte, it gets them involved, fun patter, and that WTF just happened reaction.
  3. I usually have a few tricks I'll be willing to show someone if they ask to see a trick, I will usually start with a quick two stage ACR, then move on to twisting the aces then sometimes if they really into it I will do a pick a card trick.
  4. Yes! you should have your 1 - 2 tricks you know how to perform.
    And i mean you know what to say, when to say, what to do, etc..
    For example: if i was asked to do i trick, the answer would be YES, with any deck, anywhere, and i would do the biddle trick. But it would be MY version, with my own handling, timings, i always perform it the same way i developed during the years.
    I even performed it when i was drunk, and when i watched the video (yes, i didnt remembered it), i noticed was doing the same way, without even knowing where i was, although i wasn't "speaking" very clearly and stumbling a bit.
    (Sorry about that trash story)

    So choose your favourite 2 tricks, modify them to fit your style, study and practise EVERYTHING and that would be yours forever.

    A note about what you said: there shouldn't be "out of many", cause you don't need many tricks, yes, you can know moves and gimmicks about everything, but the difference is made about the confidence and presentation you put into magic, not about the trick itself.

    A tip: choose at least 1 or 2 trick that are impromptu, so if you're given a deck you won't be in panic, then maybe choose something with a setup, that you can arrange if you have time before, or when everyone else is confused.
  5. It's good to have a trick that you perform over and over and over and over. You learn a lot about performance from doing that!
  6. Personally, I'm trying to learn a few coins tricks. Cards seem a little...abstract. Even though they are basically the magicians calling card (pun intended), it's easier for people to relate to coins than they are to cards.

    I just started to take on coin magic, and I want to be able to do 'CoinONE' and Ray Kosby's 'Silver & Bone' (A coin routine where you transpose a half dollar on the back of your hand and a jumbo half dollar in the bottom of your's madness).
  7. It's best to have a short 1-3 trick routine you can jump into at any given moment. Nothing special, nothing fancy just something that you're comfortable with.
  8. What i usually do is start with something pretty easy and lower their guard, trying to make a selected card jump to the top. Then do a dubble lift and act like i screwed up. I ask them to hold onto that card (which is now their selected card without them knowing) and then act like i'm searching the deck, looking for their card. Eventually i say something along the lines of: wow i look like an amateur, let's change that, take a look at the card you're holding, and they'll freak out even though it's so simple yet effective because you made their expectations drop sooo much and then change a card in their hands! Then i start doing some of my favourite and more advanced routines and tricks.
    You should also always start with a trick, where you're 100% sure it will fool them and you're able to perform it flawless. It'll give you more confidence, after that you could do some more difficult stuff.

    This is my opinion at least and it works fine for me ;)
  9. I forgot about that one, it is amazing!
    If you enjoy coin magic have a look at David Stone's "one coin routine", some of that can fit into your own coin routine.
    Also there are some simple effects like coin to shoulder, and coin from ceiling (that has to performed without glasses) that are funny to see
  10. I usually have a few random items on me because once people find out I do magic they have to see a trick to validate my claim.

    What I usually have on me is rubber bands and the Invisible Card if I feel like doing it that day. I wear usually around three rubber bands around my wrist/watch (three in case one breaks and my watch to keep my bloodflow to my hand regular). With the rubber bands I usually perform a quick routine of Linking Rubber Bands, Staircase by Marcus Eddie, Crazy Man Handcuffs, Steadfast by Lloyd Barnes, and Touch. I'm also thinking about throwing Rubber Thruhand by Dan Hauss and Blake Vogt into the mix as well. I know of Transit by Calen Morelli but wouldn't recommend using it because you have to carry an extra gimmick. If I have the Invisible Card on me, I'll open with that because it's a strong opener and then go into the routine I listed above. It's a solid list of powerful effects that are almost completely impromptu but make you look like a serious performer.

    If I or someone else has a deck of cards lying around I'll usually do two-card monte or an effect I created a while ago called Camper. I'm still working out a lot of things with it so it's in its early stages of development but my friend wanted to use it for an interactive video project which I agreed to help him with. The basic routine can be viewed at this link. Let me know if it would be something you are interested in learning.
  11. I usually have a go-to center double-lift, where I ask them to tell me to stop at any card, it is a free choice, but it's a double lift. Then, I place the false card in their hand, reveal that it changes, and then color change it back. For me, it usually breaks the ice between really simple, and freaking crazy. Especially to people I don't know, it's what I always start with so they don't immediately think I have powers ;)

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